Australian Cyber Attacks

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Australian public and private organizations are being urged by the Australian Government to safeguard their networks as the country appears to be under a large scale cyber-attack.

Australian security agencies are working to thwart the attacks and are providing advice to those under attack.

Key points about the ‘malicious’ intrusion in Australia:
– This is a “malicious” attack on government and private sector computer networks.
– No large-scale data breaches have been detected.
– A “state-based actor with significant capabilities” is behind the attack.
– Experts say the states most capable of these types of attacks are Russia and China.
– The frequency of attacks has increased in past months.

On top of our standard monitoring we are taking every precaution to protect our customers on a daily basis. Should you suspect anything out of the ordinary with any IT services or applications please contact Superior IT immediately to ensure the safety of your systems.

Phone: 1300 93 77 49

Three steps that you can take to help protect yourself against Cyber Attacks.

-Be vigilant when opening emails from unknown senders and links to websites.
-We recommend the use of multi-factor authentication for all services and applications where possible.
-Use your intuition, if something doesn’t seem right let us know ASAP!

For more info please refer to our Cyber Security page.

Stay safe…

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