Business Continuity

Businesses in Perth face constant threats to their continuity, from man-made accidents like black outs to unavoidable natural disasters. Depending on the scale of these threats, these can shut down your business operations for hours, day, and sometimes even weeks. And for every minute you don’t have an Internet connection or phone system online, you lose both customers and profits.

With Superior IT, there’s no more reason to let your business suffer every time you experience a setback. Our Business Continuity Solutions are specially designed to keep your operations online through whatever disaster you may experience. The solutions we offer include:

  • Automatic Transfers: If bad weather or faulty power lines knock out your Internet connection and phone service, our system based in our headquarters will automatically transfer incoming phone calls and Internet access to our private wireless network. This wireless network is designed to be easily compatible with any Internet service or phone.
  • Rerouting Solutions: During cases of unexpected events halting your systems, our 24/7 monitoring will detect the problem and automatically reroute and forward your business’ incoming phone calls to a working phone line.
  • Cloud Storage and Data Security: Your important information and IT infrastructure is kept secured on our cloud, avoiding accidental deletion or corruption to your software upon damage to on-site servers.
  • Data Networking: Any outage your business may suffer will be countered with our state-of-the-art hardware and network routing software that delivers immediate failover.

Never worry about unexpected disasters or events destroying your business and everything you’ve worked for in one swoop again. Keep yourself protected and keep your business growing with the safety net of Superior IT’s Business Continuity solutions.

Advantages of Superior IT’s Business Continuity Solutions

  • Stable Operations: Disruptions to your business will be minimized, keeping customer service and product delivery smooth and efficient
  • Easy System Recovery: Any lost or damaged system caused by unexpected disasters can be immediately recovered
  • Financial Security: Limit the amount of losses that may be experienced from unavoidable events by allowing your business to keep running through disasters
  • Confidence from Investors and Customers: Your brand and image will grow stronger as customers and investors notice the security and reliability of your business
  • Compliance: All regulations and required legal specifications can continue to be met without disruption through unexpected events