Business VoIP or Internet telephony is a phone service that uses a computer network instead of copper wires. With a traditional system, your voice is transmitted as soundwaves over a cable and then captured and translated by a receiver. Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP converts your voice signals into data packets like any other data packet transmitted over a network. The data packet is sent over the network and received and translated by an IP phone. Business VoIP can transmit calls anywhere there is a network connection, whether to your colleague in the adjacent office or a customer in a different part of the world.

Superior IT is a trusted small business VoIP service provider in Perth. We have years of experience delivering business VoIP phone solutions to small and mid-sized businesses in Perth and wider Western Australia. Whether you want to overhaul your current physical telephony infrastructure or just need to supplement it, we can help your business grow. With business VoIP from Superior IT, you gain added advantages to using a traditional telephony system, all while reducing your costs.

Benefits of Superior IT Business VoIP?

Lower Costs

The most significant benefit of using small business VoIP for your Perth business is the cost-benefit. Unlike traditional telephony that bills you based on the minutes your business uses each month, with business VoIP, you only pay a fixed monthly business VoIP subscription plus the cost of your Internet connection.

Advanced Features

Business VoIP comes with added VoIP features compared to landline telephones. Since VoIP uses software, it comes with increased functionality. Some of the added functionality includes combining telephony, fax, email, voicemail, conference calls, music on hold, auto attendant, and a host of other features into one service that can be delivered to any internet-enabled device, including mobile phones.

Fast Implementation

Rolling out business VoIP across your Perth business can be done quickly and with no downtime to your business. Since the business VoIP service is set up as a SaaS service, all you will need is an account and the VoIP phones to use in your small business. Once your account is created, you can start making calls immediately.

Trouble-free Upgrades

Upgrading landline networks can be challenging and expensive. With all the physical infrastructure, it can take weeks to upgrade a landline network. Upgrading VoIP is as easy as updating the features on your business VoIP account. Adding phones is also fast and easy, so you do not need to schedule any phone downtime.

Easy Service Customization

Business VoIP from Superior IT is easily customizable to your needs. Whether you need a Local Area Network (LAN) installation, or you need to connect multiple offices spread across the country, we can customize the right solution for you. We can even connect your employees’ mobile phones to your VoIP Australia system so they can receive calls while on the move.

Multichannel Convergence

Business VoIP brings together fixed-line, computer, and mobile telephony. Your staff will easily receive calls on a desktop IP phone, or on their desktop or laptop computer or even on their mobile phone. With such seamless connectivity across devices, having a business IP phone system is a must for any modern small business.

Dynamic Scalability

With VoIP business phone system, you can quickly scale from five IP phones to a hundred. You can also easily scale from a local-only network to a multi-office system. Costs even scale predictably, with easy cost forecasting based on the number of IP phones you want to connect and the type of service you pick.

Internal, Countrywide, or Global Connectivity

Landlines are notoriously difficult and expensive to implement across a large geographical area. If you need to terminate calls across the country, your costs will balloon. IP telephony uses the Internet, so every call will only cost the amount you pay for your Internet. IP phones are, therefore, a great option if you want countrywide or even global connectivity.

Managed Cloud Service

If your landline PABX fails, you need to call in someone to look at all the wiring. When you purchase IP phone services from Superior IT, we manage everything via the cloud. If you have an issue, our customer service can easily troubleshoot it remotely, helping you get back to work quickly.

Why Superior IT for Business VoIP?

Business VoIP Expertise

Superior IT has the business VoIP phone expertise to deliver customized, cost-effective, and high-performance internet telephony services in Perth. Whether you want to replace your current landline or augment it with IP phones, our cloud IP phone experts can deliver the right solution for your business.

Cloud Experience

Superior IT has extensive cloud experience working with various cloud technologies. Our cloud experts have experience working with cloud solutions ranging from cloud computing to cloud telephony. When you work with us, you can be sure that we understand the cloud, and that your IP phone requirements are in good hands.

End-to-end IP Phone Solutions

Superior IT IP phone services span the entire breadth of VoIP solutions. Whether you want to migrate your landline system to VoIP, need VoIP phones for NBN, want to set up a cloud call centre, or need to forward your landline calls to IP phones, we have the expertise and experience to roll out the IP phone solutions in Perth you need.

Managed IP Telephony Services

All IP telephone services from Superior IT come as a managed service. When you sign up, we will be on hand to set up everything, troubleshoot issues, run updates, and perform upgrades. Our IP phone experts are always on hand to assist with any questions you have or challenges you are facing with your IP phone system.

Superior IT Business VoIP Service Breakdown

Virtual Phone Lines

Virtual phone lines enable you to make and receive calls locally and internationally at no additional cost. Virtual phone lines can make or receive calls to any IP phone anywhere in the world where there is an internet connection. Superior IT can quickly set up virtual phone lines for your Perth business so you can start enjoying these benefits.

Hosted PBX

Replace your physical PABX system with a cloud call routing system. If your current PABX is not delivering to your expectations or you would like to upgrade your call flow to a modern way of call routing including hunt group smart routing, Superior IT cloud PBX services in Perth are just what you need.

SIP Trunking

SIP trunking adds higher quality dynamic call features to either your existing ISDN/ analogue circuits or can be deployed as a standalone solution delivering the same capabilities. Superior IT SIP trunks also provide local number ranges, allowing your employees to call different regions with number ranges from those regions as well as receive incoming calls.

Customer Premises Equipment (CPE)

Superior IT offers a range of CPE, including desktop IP phones, cordless VoIP handsets, VoIP conference units, and VoIP phone system softphones. We can also set up your employees to use their current mobile phones to receive and make IP phone calls.

Landline Forwarding to VoIP

If you want to keep your current landlines, we can install call forwarding to VoIP phones for all your numbers. This way, you can use both landline and VoIP systems seamlessly. Forwarding also works for a business phone system set across different offices or countries, so you can manage all calls from one central hub.

VoIP Call Centre

VoIP makes it easy to host a virtual call centre in the cloud. Superior IT can implement a virtual call centre where call centre employees can log in from anywhere in the world and accept or make calls. VoIP call centres are also cheaper and easier to run than traditional call centres.

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