As a small business in Perth, you have important data that your business generates and uses. This can be data on your customers, products and services, employees or any other data. If this data gets lost, stolen or corrupted, you may struggle to restore your operations to where they were.

Superior IT offers cloud backup services in Perth Western Australia to help protect and preserve your data. Online backup services use sophisticated software tools to capture data on your computer hard drives, external hard drives or servers and relay and store this information in the cloud.

Cloud storage offers unlimited storage space from dozens of data centres spread across Australia and the rest of the world. Having your systems connected to a cloud backup system will ensure your data is stored safely in the cloud.

As one of the best cloud backup companies in Perth, Superior IT can help you connect all your valuable data to the cloud. We do this through a backup as a service in cloud computing environment for secure storage. Whether this data is personal like family photos and documents or business in nature, we can help you find the right solution that works for your needs.

Superior IT Cloud Backup Features

Incremental Backups

Online backups relay data to your cloud storage in small continuous file syncing batches. As your Perth business may generate large amounts of data per day, incremental backups ensure your bandwidth is not used up during backups.

Version Control and Recovery

Superior IT cloud backup services maintain a record of all the file versions of your data from multiple devices regardless of the number of devices. If you need to find older versions of your data, individual files or deleted files, locate the version that was recorded and stored from that time.

Restore from Date

A cloud backup solution creates copies of your system files and folders so you can perform a system restore from maybe the last 30 days. If your data gets corrupted, this can be a useful way to roll back the changes and restore your data integrity.

Backup Scheduling

Online storage services offer the flexibility to schedule uploads that backup computer to cloud free. If you do not want the backup process reducing your bandwidth, you can schedule backups for night-time, when none of your employees is using your network resources.

Backup Validation

Cloud storage systems perform data integrity and validation processes to ensure all data stored can be retrieved and accessed. When any changes are made, the system runs a data integrity check to ensure the new version saved is usable.

Military-grade Encryption

All file transmission and storage on cloud backup systems is encrypted using military-grade encryption. No one can access your data without the encryption key or authorised security clearance.

Emergency Data Recovery

In case of a disaster, cloud backups offer a fast and effective remedy for lost data. Depending on the solution you pick, you can have automatic recovery or manual recovery.

Multiple Redundancies

All your data is copied to multiple ‘clouds’ to ensure that if one data centre is compromised, your data is still available from several other data centres in other locations.

Advantages of Online Backup

Cost Effective

Cloud backups are an extremely cost-effective solution for Perth businesses. Cloud backup services require no investment in equipment or infrastructure, no additional personnel and no long setup time frames. Also, you pick the online storage size you need, and that is what you pay for. Because of this, cloud storage works well for any size of business.

Zero Data Loss

Cloud backups like Amazon cloud storage backup provide a zero-data-loss environment for your data. Since most of your data is stored in secure and carefully monitored data centres, there is no chance that your data will get lost or become corrupted even when your employees share files. As a Perth business, this means you can have peace of mind running your business for years knowing all your data is safe and accessible.

Set and Forget

Setting your backups to automatic or real-time ensures all your data is backed up without any effort on your part. You do not have to worry that an employee will forget to run a backup or that a power or system failure will result in an entire day of data lost. Superior IT will help you create an initial backup set and forget plan that works for you.

Fast and Conditional Recovery

Online backup services help your business recover from a disaster fast. No matter what the disaster, restoring an internet connection is the only thing necessary for backup and recovery in cloud computing environments. Superior IT can also set up conditional data recovery for you, which restore data only from sections of your backups such as system snapshots or customer data.

Cloud Backup Options

Microsoft OneDrive

Microsoft OneDrive is part of the Office 365 productivity suite. It offers up to a 1 TB storage limit for both personal and business data, as well as supporting mobile apps. You can pick from several Office 365 packages and get the OneDrive storage that goes with it.

Apple iCloud

Apple iCloud is an excellent option for businesses that primarily use the Apple ecosystem of apps and products. However, you can still use iCloud as a standalone service to upload your local backup files as well as for file sharing.

Google Drive

Google Drive is a popular and easily accessible storage solution. Google Drive can be used for personal and business data storage. However, enterprise business features and capabilities are limited.

Microsoft SharePoint

Microsoft SharePoint is a great option for enterprise and business customers. SharePoint can act as a robust document management system (DMS) or as a knowledge management (KM) hub where all your organisation’s knowledge and documents are stored.

Dropbox Business

Dropbox Business brings sophisticated cloud backup and file sharing tools to your business. With Dropbox, you can connect your other work tools like Trello and Slack and manage granular permission and role rules.

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is an enterprise cloud storage service that is ideal for storing virtual machines and other virtualised systems. Microsoft Azure can be used to host virtual desktops along with an unlimited number of files that are stored on those desktops.

What Makes Our Cloud Backup Services Stand Out?

Fast Expert Setup

Superior IT can have your cloud backup solutions up and running in no time. Our team of experienced cloud storage engineers have the skills to connect all your data to the cloud. Our quick needs assessment and solution rollout will help you minimise the lead time required to get your data securely backed up to the cloud.

24/7 Monitoring

Superior IT monitors all data backup systems using sophisticated monitoring tools. In case a backup system fails, we are immediately notified. Our standby team of experts is always ready to handle such incidents, quickly restoring your backup systems and preventing any data loss.

Disaster Recovery

Superior IT can create a cloud disaster recovery plan (CDRP) for your business that creates easily-accessible system and data backups. In case of disaster, we can implement the CDRP for you and help you restore crucial business systems and data, significantly minimising overall downtime.

Remote Backups

Cloud infrastructure makes it possible for us to manage your backup systems remotely. We can also do that for you by performing scheduled remote backups on workstations and mobile devices. Remote cloud backups are an easy and practical solution, especially for businesses with multiple locations.

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