Cloud consultants are cloud experts who offer insightful, technical and value-based advice on a business’s specific cloud needs. If your small business is considering moving to the cloud or implementing a cloud solution. A cloud consultant can help you understand your needs and suggest the best cloud solution and help you implement and manage the solution. Both large and small companies in Perth can benefit from cloud services to achieve their business goals.

Superior IT is one of the most trusted cloud computing firms in Australia. Our cloud consultants have decades of experience in various cloud fields and the qualifications to provide a wide range of expert advice. When you work with Superior IT cloud consultants, you get high-quality consultancy services to help you achieve your cloud objectives. Speak to Superior IT service cloud consultant today and unlock the power of the cloud for your business.

What are the Benefits of Working with Cloud Consultants?

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Create a Customised Cloud Plan

Strategic cloud planning is a must before making any cloud investments. Our IT cloud consultants can create a custom cloud plan for your organisation that covers your most pressing needs. Whether your focus is security, productivity or mobility, we can help you roll out a cloud plan.

Identify Cloud Productivity and Growth Opportunities

Our cloud consultants help you identify productivity and growth opportunities in your business. We have a strong understanding of how cloud solutions converge with various businesses. Superior IT will help you discover what areas of your business or operations can benefit most from cloud-based solutions.

Reduce Costs

Surest way to waste money is to purchase cloud solutions without understanding how they fit into your operations. With Superior IT cloud consultants we offer you purchasing advice that fit your budget and operations. The final purchasing plan shows you what you need to invest and get a return.

Future-proof Your Business

Catch-up cloud solutions are not effective. Superior IT cloud consultants help you anticipate the future and future-proof your business. Some areas we address are business continuity, software development, business app updates, maintenance and scalability of current IT assets and infrastructure.

Superior IT Cloud Consulting Service Approach

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IT consultants provide insightful cloud advice based on your business processes and dynamics. Since most businesses think of utilizing cloud resources often do not know where to start. We offer three useful cloud consultancy services to help you take the next steps in your cloud strategy. These are:

● Cloud needs assessment: You know you need cloud, but you are not sure how or where to implement it. Our IT consultants will develop for you a needs assessment report.
● Cloud technologies selection: With your needs in mind, what cloud technology solutions are a match for you? Superior IT cloud consultants can identify and recommend the best cloud solutions for your Perth business.
● Cloud cost optimisation: How do you optimise your cloud costs? We can help you analyse your current cloud costs and new cloud costs and discover cost optimisation opportunities.


Our consultants will also help you implement your cloud plan. If you have a cloud plan in place, our experts can come in and help you implement it. We offer support on what cloud resources to purchase. Assist to oversee the implementation or implement the solutions ourselves. If you do not have a cloud plan in place, we can develop one for you and implement it. We offer this as an end-to-end solution that analyses your needs. Propose a cloud plan, and implements it once approved. Our implementation services include purchasing, installation, migration to cloud hosting, and employee onboarding and training. We can also complete custom software development and application development projects on your behalf.

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Once all your cloud infrastructure is set up and running, Superior IT offers managed cloud services. Our managed cloud services deliver ongoing 24/7 support for your cloud resources. Support can include employee onboarding and offboarding, troubleshooting and security incident management. Manual system backups, cloud resource monitoring and analytics, among others. Our cloud concierge services are an excellent option for businesses that do not want to invest in additional personnel to manage new cloud resources. Managed cloud services from Superior IT can help you save time and money and ensure your cloud tools work as expected.

Why Superior IT Cloud Consulting?

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End-to-end Solutions

Single-dimension cloud solutions can only take you so far. Superior IT cloud consultants offer end-to-end cloud computing consulting services that consider all aspects of your business and ensure cost effectiveness. Whether it means factoring in multiple locations, mobile staff, seasonal business or other factors, we can create for you an all-inclusive long term plan that factors in all dependencies. Work with Superior IT cloud consulting today and discover how cloud can unlock new opportunities for productivity and growth for your business.


Superior IT cloud consultants are experts in what they do. Our consultants have all the required and relevant technical certifications to help your Perth business move to the cloud. When you work with Superior IT, you get access to the best cloud experts in Western Australia. Whatever the level of complexity of your cloud needs, our cloud experts have the skills and qualifications to find you a solution.

Cloud Experience

We know our way around cloud. As an IT company that extensively uses cloud resources, we know quite a bit about cloud services. You can tap into this experience by working with Superior IT cloud consultants. The depth of expertise we bring will result in highly customized, and specialized cloud solutions that less-experienced cloud service provides cannot match. Speak to a Superior IT cloud consultant today and receive unmatched advice and insights on your cloud business requirements.

Superior IT Cloud Consulting Service Breakdown

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Digital Workplace

IT cloud consultants bring extensive experience and deep expertise in transforming your digital workplace through cloud. We help you transform your workplace into a modern work environment that utilizes the latest cloud based tools. We’ll provide you with insights on how to digitise your workplace and empower your employees to do more. Some of the tools we can help you implement are Microsoft Office 365 SharePoint, Exchange, Outlook, PowerPoint and Access.

Cloud Transformation

Cloud transformation involves rethinking and repurposing significant parts of your business with cloud. Superior IT cloud consultants in Perth can help you do this. We come in and analyse your current business, assess the cost/benefit aspects of using cloud and create for you a hybrid cloud transformation roadmap. Our cloud transformation consultancy services include moving crucial IT assets to the cloud with AWS or Microsoft Azure or using other cloud computing tools to achieve your cloud transformation objectives.

Business Apps

If your business currently relies on legacy business apps like Microsoft 2016, our consultants can help you migrate to cloud solutions like Microsoft Office 365. Our expertise reaches beyond Office 365. We can also help you deploy more specialised cloud app solutions with project management apps consulting. Salesforce consulting, mobile apps consulting, app development to name a few. Moving your apps to the cloud or rolling out new cloud apps becomes significantly easier when you work with Superior IT.

Business Continuity

Cloud infrastructure is tightly linked to business continuity. Our cloud consultants help you explore cloud opportunities that can support your business continuity plan. If you do not have a business continuity plan in place, we can help create a cloud-based plan for you. Such a plan will implement cloud resources like cloud backup and cloud disaster recovery so your business can keep running, no matter what.

Advanced Cloud Services

Our advanced cloud services cover high-tech areas like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Internet of Things, among others. For businesses thinking of such solutions, Superior IT cloud consultants can help identify the best options and help you implement them in your business. Our advanced cloud consultancy services not only help you anticipate the future, but they also help you create it within your business.

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Business Mobility

The Superior IT cloud consultancy services give you insights on how to implement secure yet practical mobile device policies in your business. Our consultants can help you pick the right devices, create and implement a mobile device management (MDM) plan and roll out the devices and policies. With Superior IT we will help you implement enterprise mobility solutions while protecting the integrity of your broader cloud and on-premises digital ecosystem.

Identity and Security

Managed Cloud Services

Superior IT cloud consultants offer ongoing managed services for your cloud infrastructure. We provide ongoing management and support for your cloud-based systems, so you do not have to invest in additional staff. Our cloud consultants are on hand to offer you insights and support as you implement cloud solutions in your Perth business. Moreover, we also provide remote cloud management services for companies with offices spread across Western Australia.

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