If you are in need of a flexible and customisation private secure cloud solution, Superior IT’s Smart Cloud may be the professional yet affordable solution you are looking for.

Specializing in SMEs, or small to medium enterprises and businesses based in Perth, the Superior IT Smart Cloud can address the needs of every business searching for on-premise and hosted cloud solutions. According to data collected from added value to the businesses of our previous and current clients, as well as overall customer satisfaction, the Smart Cloud is the premier solution in Perth.

Our commitment towards equipping small to medium-sized businesses with world class IT solutions and 24/7 professional IT maintenance and support drives us to the top of our industry, and we are fully accountable when we say that the Superior IT Smart Cloud is the best product of its kind available in Perth.

With our Smart Cloud solutions, not only will you be granted infrastructure designed to meet an SLA, but also a sophisticated and customized unique package of features that fill the specific needs of your company or organization.

There are many disadvantages associated with using a public cloud, such as its vulnerability to hacking and system crashes. Our Smart Cloud enables us to provide customized private and hybrid cloud solutions for a similar price as most public clouds, as we utilize only the most advanced cloud provisioning software and hardware to power the Smart Cloud. And when registering for the Smart Cloud, you will also be granted several possible help desk and on-site support features.

Smart Cloud Advantages

Our reputation and history as a leading Managed IT Services provider in Perth proves the clear benefits any company or organization would repeat upon integrating our Smart Cloud solution. Superior IT has been delivering end-to-end infrastructure solutions for over a decade, equipping companies with solutions such as disaster recovery, server and storage capabilities, end-user help desk, telephony, application support, and more.

Our years of experience in dealing personally with our clients has taught us everything that a small to medium-sized business goes through. Our thorough understanding of the frustrations and struggles of these businesses has allowed us to develop the most sophisticated solutions, generating the most value from your IT investment.