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Cyber security protects your business from online threats such as computer hacks, data breaches and credit card fraud. As a small or mid-sized business in Perth, you may think only large enterprises are vulnerable to cyber attacks.

If your business handles any form of sensitive data relating to customers and financial transactions, you can also experience a cyber security threat. Research shows that some of the leading security breaches happen to small and midsize businesses.

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Phishing attacks

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Denial of Service attacks (DoS)

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Social engineering

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Credit card data theft and fraud

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Privilege escalations

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Identity theft

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Direct-access compromises

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System back door access

Protecting your business from these and similar threats requires working with an experienced cyber security company in Perth. Our Cyber Security Command Centre (CSCC) based in Perth is staffed with qualified and experienced cyber security experts. Whatever threat your business may face, we have the human resources and experience to help your business remain protected.

Superior IT cyber security services offer a reliable partner ready to provide cyber security consulting, planning, implementation and maintenance. Whether your business is entirely online or only relies on some online services, we can help design and implement the right cyber security measures to keep your business safe.

Cyber Security Services

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Superior IT secures clients’ businesses by offering three strategic cyber security management services:

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Security Assurance

Security assurance provides a framework by which to design and implement security measures within your company. As a business, you need to be continuously assured that your business is safe and protected from cyber security risks. Superior IT offers cyber security consulting services that analyse your current cyber security measures and recommends improvements.

Security Controls

Cyber security controls are risk management measures undertaken to protect your business at every stage of a possible threat. Superior IT offers cyber security controls that address three aspects of a threat:

Security Awareness

Most cyber security threats involve a human element. Superior IT can help you prepare your staff to prevent and respond to cyber security threats through targeted training and workshops. In training, we help your personnel understand what cyber security threats are and what role they can play in keeping the business safe.

● Preventive controls, which address the steps and measures that need to be implemented before a threat occurs.
● Real time detective controls, which address issues related to monitoring, identification, classification and alerts related to incoming threats.
● Corrective controls that provide guidelines for how to limit damage from a threat and stop the threat from further progressing.

We also offer executive-level training, giving management the tools and insights that they need to create and enforce a cyber security culture within the business. Superior IT provides computer security awareness as a one-off service or as an ongoing service that keeps your staff current and sensitised on their cyber security responsibilities.

How we protect your business

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Protecting your business from cyber threats requires a three-dimensional approach. Our cyber security matrix includes:

Threat Intelligence

Threat intelligence collects and analyses evidence-based knowledge on the kind of risks your business may face. As different companies attract different types of cyber security incidents, we maintain a database of information for different types of businesses.

For example, if you are a financial services business, we will compile a list of threats your type of business may face. Threat intelligence helps us understand how best to protect your business. Through our managed cyber protection service, we also offer ongoing threat intelligence collection and monitoring, so your business is always protected from evolving threats.

Cyber Intelligence

Threat Preparation

Threat preparation involves a series of steps we take to ensure your business is ready to face any threat that emerges. Some of the preparation measures we undertake include:

● Installation of cyber security software.
● Penetration testing where we test and harden your cyber security resources and critical infrastructure.
● Staff training using customised training materials to ensure everyone is onboard your businesses cyber security efforts.
● Cyber security policy formulation that helps your business have all the documentation needed to address an emerging threat.
● Ongoing monitoring of cyber security preparedness.

Threat Response

Even when all cyber security measures are followed, sometimes a cyber attack may occur that breaches your security protocols. In such cases, Superior IT will help you place, in advance, an incident response plan to respond to threats. Such a plan may include:

● Automated alerts to cyber security personnel or Superior IT
● Immediate system lockdown on suspicion of a breach.
● Isolation and neutralisation of the threat.
● Forensic investigation into the cause of the threat.
● Initiation of mitigating measures to prevent similar occurrences in the future.
● Threat response reports that help your business understand vulnerabilities and address them accordingly.

IT Security


IT security encompasses all the different IT facets of your business. Both hardware and software IT components should be adequately secured to avoid costly IT security vulnerabilities and incidents. Such incidents and vulnerabilities may include:

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Access to company systems and data from unauthorised mobile and computer devices.

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Weak physical and logical access control measures for sensitive on-premises areas.

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Outdated software missing crucial security patches.

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Lack of security protocols to govern IT security.

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Obsolete hardware with known security vulnerabilities.

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Poorly secured non-computing smart devices and machinery.

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Weakly protected network access points, including Wi-Fi routers and switches.

When your company lacks reliable IT security protection, unmitigated security risks can cripple your business. Superior IT managed IT security service helps identify all your Perth company’s security vulnerabilities and suggest preventative and protective measures to take.

We also provide implementation and maintenance services, so all your IT resources always remain protected. Superior IT will help ensure that all your IT resources, including workstations, routers and, switches and extenders, apps and other IT resources are up to date and safe from security threats.

5-Point IT Security Protection

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Superior IT offers IT security industry best-practice remedies for your IT security needs. We provide 5-point IT security protection protocols that address all elements of your IT resources. These include:

Application Information Security

Your company uses applications for day to day operations. How secure are those apps? Is it clear what IT security vulnerabilities they have? Do you have measures in place to mitigate such vulnerabilities? These are the questions we ask and address when you work with us.

Security Information

Internet Security

Superior IT provides internet security to protect your business from web-based threats. All devices and workstations that access the internet are vulnerable to such threats. When unsecured, users can download computer viruses, ransomware, spyware and other malware that can negatively impact your business.
Superior IT secures your online devices by installing internet security software including antispyware, antimalware, antiviruses and firewalls. Don’t allow your business to fall victim to Internet security threats. Work with Superior IT today to identify vulnerabilities and put in place measures to protect your business.

Device or Endpoint Security

Device security, also called endpoint security, deploys security measures at a device level. Whether you have a bring your own device (BYOD) policy or issue company devices, device security is essential to ensuring such devices remain secure. Some of the measures we implement include:

● Remote device data wipe.
● Password enforcement.
● Two-factor security enforcement.
● Remote device security patch updates.
● Device-level malware protection.

Network Security

Unauthorised access is the most common systems network security threat businesses face. When someone can access your network, they have access to sensitive information and confidential materials. Superior IT tests and secures your network resources so no unauthorised persons can gain access.

We also ensure all your network devices are updated and have the right security protocols. While network integrity is the focus, we also ensure your network remains accessible, usable and reliable to your users. You can get network performance optimisation by including network maintenance and optimisation in your managed IT contract.

Cloud Security

As more business applications move to the cloud, cloud security has become a priority for businesses in Perth. If you use software-as-a-service (SaaS) products or host your applications in the public cloud, your business should have cloud security protocols in place.

Superior IT offers integrated cloud security services that work with public, private and hybrid clouds. Some of the measures we can implement for your business include deploying a cloud access security broker (CASB), cloud-based unified threat management (UTM) or a secure Internet gateway (SIG). Such measures ensure all your cloud applications and interactions are secured.

Cyber Security Endpoint

Device security is especially crucial as workforces become increasingly mobile, and work becomes more device-centric and less desk-centric.

Cyber Security + IT Security

Superior IT provides enhanced security through a combination of cyber security and IT security solutions. We provide managed IT security services, so you have the flexibility to choose a package that works for your business. You can scale up or scale down your package depending on your needs.

You can also call us in case of a security emergency, and our security teams will respond quickly to remedy the situation. No matter what your IT security and cyber security needs might be. Superior IT has what it takes to meet even the most demanding security requirements. Give us a ring today and let’s talk about your IT security

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