Hosted Email

Hosting, Storing, and Safety Solutions

Email is the lifeblood of any modern business. Understanding the optimal configuration for your email system depends on your industry and your unique needs. To understand the best hosted email solution for you, we will personally meet with you and understand your company, where we will understand your internal communication process and create a unique customized solution that will fulfill your needs while maximizing your company’s potential.

Several factors go into our analysis of the specific requirements for your specialized email configuration and solution, understanding the best way to run your company email. These factors include:

  • Multi-Platform: Create an email system in which emails are accessible for all members of your team through several platforms, including mobile devices and web portals, and ensuring that data feeds are updated with coordinated systems
  • Record Keeping: Be mindful of compliance, working with government and industry regulations in mind while developing the system
  • Email Filters: When running a business, you can’t waste your time or risk your security with spam; our automated system filters out spam and other emails while only delivering trusted ones
  • File Sizes: Understand the needs of your company and organization and hone down on file size requirements that fit your industry’s usual demands
  • Privacy and Security: Enable protective measures to block malware, viruses, and phishing scams