Superior IT provides world-class IT consultant services to businesses. Our IT consulting services are offered by expert information technology consultants with years of experience. Some are software engineers and others have project management experience. Work with one of the most respected IT management consulting companies in Perth. We guarantee effective and efficient IT consulting services.

IT consulting is ideal for businesses that want to maximise existing resources. Companies looking for new IT solutions can also use IT consulting services to source and implement solutions. Superior IT consultants can help you leverage information technology to enhance your day to day business operations. We can install new software and computer systems in clients’ businesses to help them meet their business objectives.

IT Consulting Service Breakdown

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As a small business, you may need IT consulting services in Perth at one point. Superior IT has the experience and personnel to help you with your needs. Here are some of the areas we can assist with:


Installations and upgrades:

If you have outdated computer systems, our IT consultants can help you decide the best way forward. They will advise you on whether to purchase new systems or upgrade the software.

Information technology infrastructure analysis:

Our experienced IT consultants working in Western Australia can help analyse and map your existing infrastructure. They can also offer recommendations on how to maximise or upgrade your current infrastructure.

Oversee information technology projects:

If you are planning on starting an IT project in Perth, you can tap into our pool of project managers to oversee your project.

Staff training:

If you recently rolled out new information technology resources, we will help you upskill your employees through IT consultant-led training.

Technology purchases:

If you want to purchase new technology, one of our IT consultants can help you understand how your new purchase fits into your broader business strategy.

Best IT Consulting Company in Perth

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When you need information technology consulting services in Perth, you should work with the best IT consulting company in Perth. Here are some characteristics that make us stand out from the rest of the pack:

Experienced and Qualified IT Consultants

Superior IT, one of the best IT consulting companies in Perth, has some of the most experienced and qualified IT consultants in Western Australia. Our consultants have extensive experience helping small businesses in Perth with their IT needs.

Wide IT Consultant Network

Sometimes you may need specialized work that requires a scarce set of IT skills. Backed by a robust IT consultant network, we have links to highly specialised expertise across the information technology industry.

Project Experience

Our IT consultants comprise software engineers, project managers, and computer science specialists. They have been involved in multiple successful IT projects in Western Australia. Whatever your information technology project, contact us today and let’s discuss how we can help make it a reality.


Our IT Consultant Qualifications

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Superior IT consultants are behind some of the most successful small business IT projects in Perth. Such effective and efficient results come from the fact that our information technology consultants have the right qualifications. Here are some of the qualifications they have:

● Bachelor’s degree with majors in information technology and computer science.
● Postgraduate studies in various technical information technology fields.
● Project management certifications.
● Membership in the Australian Computer Society.
● Hands-on experience in senior positions in some of the largest companies in Australia.

When you work with a Superior IT consultant, you can rest assured that they have what it takes to deliver a successful project. Moreover, we encourage our consultants to maintain ongoing training and education, so they have the latest skills to handle even the most sophisticated projects. Whatever your project needs, Superior IT can help manage it for you from start to successful completion.

Part-time and Full-time IT Consultant

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Sometimes you may need a part-time IT consultant in Perth and, at other times, a full-time IT consultant in Perth. We can accommodate either requirement. Here are some roles our part-time and full-time IT consultants can help with:

Part-time IT Consultant

● Check-in occasionally to audit your IT systems.
● Act as a part-time advisor to the business owner on information technology matters.
● Occasionally assist in-house technical staff with technical matters.
● Provide interval monitoring of information technology resources for security and performance issues.

Full-time IT Consultant

● Implement a long-term information technology strategy.
● Act in the capacity of an outsourced chief technology officer (CTO).
● Design and implement new IT solutions and infrastructure.
● Provide long-term training for staff on new technology.
● Provide full-time advisory services to the business owner.
● Perform ongoing security and compliance audits of information technology systems and infrastructure.

Whether you need a full-time or part-time IT consultant, Superior IT can help you find just the right consultant to meet your information technology needs.

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