IT Procurement

IT Procurement is a major branch of Superior IT, with an entire team dedicated to the task of working directly with software and hardware suppliers to fit whatever needs our clients may have. When working with Superior IT, we will also deal with all of your licensing requirements.

The procurement process is simple: our IT procurement team will coordinate personally with your Technical Account Manager and completely evaluate your technical needs. Through this process, together we will identify the software licenses and IT equipment your company or organisation requires to reach optimal efficiency. We will then procure the software and hardware from our range of worldwide vendors and supply it to you.

This takes the responsibility and trouble of understanding specifications, dealing with compatibility issues, and post-purchase technical problems off your shoulders, allowing you to focus on growing your business.

With our expert team of IT procurement specialists, we will help you attain the best technology bundles that fulfill your business and your specific needs, enabling you to run your business on your terms, in the smoothest way possible. With our access to first-rate vendors selling a broad range of hardware and software, we make sure that only the best on the market finds its way to your office.

Our Advantages


We have all the experience and expertise in satisfying licensing and hardware requirements. Let us do the research that your team might not be comfortable with.

Cost and Value Efficiency

We understand the value of every dollar you spend, and work our hardest to maximise that value in the service we provide and the hardware and software we deliver to you.

24/7 Support

Never feel left in the dark as we go through the IT procurement for your company or organisation. Any question you may have will be answered immediately by the specialists working with you.

Warranty Handling

Warranties can be a pain to deal with, and you can’t always be guaranteed faultless products. Once any faulty piece of hardware or software is identified, we will work double-time to deal with the warranty returns, while lending your company high-quality spare parts while your replacements are on the way.

Asset Managenment

We provide top level asset management with our own asset tracking system, allowing you live updates for your incoming software and hardware. Your service plan will come equipped with this asset tracking solution and integrated lifecycle management.


Superior IT understands the heavy costs that come with equipping your business with the hardware and software solutions you need. We assist you in acquiring financial aid from leading financial institutions and banks to purchase the equipment you need.