IT Support and Helpdesk Services

Boost your competitiveness and business with software solutions, which are 100% adapted to your environment and needs.

We assume the IT Support and Helpdesk Services is guaranteeing the minimum possible impact (efficiency, quality, level of service). You can take advantage of our expertise and high level of technical preparation. Our previous experience in all types of projects means that we can accompany you in each of the aspects of your digital transformation, by providing our high level of knowledge containing a solution to the needs of your company.

We accompany our customers in their digital transmutation from proximity and daily commitment, offering services, and business management solutions that we adapt to the needs of each business and sector.

What Do We Offer?

Technology Consulting

Need help in updating computer technology?

We are the technological guide in the digital transformation of your company, so you can easily modernize your business processes.

We believe in digital transformation as a critical factor in the differentiation and consolidation of companies.

That is why we focus our work towards the generation of technological culture and the transfer of knowledge, guiding our clients to assume the digitization of their business processes naturally.

Infrastructure and Systems Support

The service paradigm and the relationship between companies and their technology providers are constantly changing. The current scenario offers numerous advantages for companies, which translate in terms of agility, performance, and profitability.

We have several data centers from which we provide managed services to clients in different modalities.

IT Infrastructure and Mobility

To talk about high availability and business continuity means discussing about ensuring business profitability. Both areas are the fundamental pillars of any good security plan that seeks to ensure the proper functioning of systems, applications, and other vital elements in day-to-day operations.

With these solutions, companies can anticipate the risks, thereby reducing the chances of unplanned downtime and the negative impact they may have.

IT Managed Services

Specialists in IT critical environments, we ensure availability and operation.

We integrate people, processes, and technology, assuming customer values ​​as our own, working hand in hand with your company to comply with the Service Level Agreement.

Our IT Managed Services are 100% adapted to the new regulatory context of the GDPR.

We help in reducing the costs while containing your workforce, improve your overall efficiency, access key technical knowledge, and boost your business.

Outsourcing Services

The management of applications and infrastructure takes a high percentage of the budget of the IT departments. With our IT outsourcing services, the company can work with fewer resources and thus assume more functions. 

Our clients should not worry about having or not having the right profiles for their projects, maintenance of their platforms, or specific tasks. We will take care of always being aware of their needs and having the necessary resources ready, according to the agreements on the level of agreed services.

Why Choose Us?

Personnel with Demonstrated Ability

  • We work on projects with a long-term vision, structured in phases, but always with particular, achievable, manageable objectives, short milestones in time, and visibility.
  • We are aware of the importance of support, operation, and exploitation for the maintenance of services continuously.
  • Ability to establish relationships with client-users, being able to assume “the visible face” of the Projects and Exploitation works.

Horizontal Working Groups

  • Our staff is highly motivated and stable.
  • We work with flexibility in the provision of services.
  • Adaptation continues to the client’s business objectives, the reorientation of the needs in the contracted services, and their technological evolution.

Methodological Approach

  • Support in ethical practices and normative IT standards
  • Guarantee of personalized applications in the different projects and services executed.

What Do You Look For In The Outsourcing Of IT Services?

Focusing Efforts on the Strategic Activities of the Organization: Our outsourcing IT services allows organizations to focus on their core business by leaving the evolution of their systems in the hands of specialized companies as technology changes.

Reduce Costs: Many companies seek cost reduction in IT outsourcing. Outsourcing in companies located in countries helps in qualified personnel but with lower salaries.

Increase the Quality of Service: For different reasons, the organization detects the need to implement a 365 x 24 x 7 system. This implies a high cost for the company if it is decided to manage from the IT department, so it is considered the hiring of a third to reach the required SLA.

What Should Be Taken Into Account If You Decide To Outsource?

Our organization closely monitors the outsourced service to ensure that the conditions of the contract with the supplier are met.

Our company does not make the mistake of becoming mere administrative officers who manage the relationship with the IT provider. We know each requested development or service, mainly if it affects a strategic area of ​​the company. In this way, your IT team will be able to make new proposals for improvement and will not depend on a third party.

The number of providers in which the outsourcing of IT services is diversified should not be excessively high since the management costs between them could have a direct impact on the benefit that had been obtained with outsourcing.

Opt for Our Helpdesk Services

Our Helpdesk services for the management and resolution of customer problems through a team of qualified IT professionals are carefully selected. They are based on their professional skills and abilities.

To guarantee its customers an excellent service, each resource periodically follows training and updating courses. Our Helpdesk services are aimed at ensuring efficiency and improving the functioning of the IT infrastructures of companies or professional firms.

With Helpdesk services, our customer has a single center to contact and always available to solve all problems. Our Helpdesk Services differs from traditional call centers because it provides resources that assist with innovative tools. For each customer, there is the situation of all the installed and the history of the interventions, and information that allows the rapid and timely response to requests for assistance.

Interested in our IT Support and Helpdesk Services?

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