The business workplace is changing. New technologies and new ways of working are transforming the workplace and the nature of work. Businesses seeking to remain competitive must undertake this transformation quickly and effectively. Superior IT is a trusted partner in helping Perth businesses embrace the modern workplace. If your company has not yet made the transition, Superior IT can help you identify areas in your business that you can transition to a modern workplace model. With a modern workplace, your business will gain the following features:


Your employees can work remotely from anywhere – securely and seamlessly through a digital workplace office 365. The modern workplace achieves this through the integration of remote working capabilities like cloud technologies. For example, your employees will be able to check their email, browse company files and remotely connect to company networks from anywhere, further enhancing their work life balance. Talk to Superior IT today to discuss how to enable your employees to work from anywhere within a modern workplace.

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The modern workspace modern workplace Microsoft 365 features always-on apps and systems. Forget about the days you had to switch off and switch on on-premises servers. Utilizing cloud based technologies, the modern workplace gives your employees access to all their work tools 24/7. From this, employees enjoy increased productivity, greater convenience and more flexibility in how they work. Talk to Superior IT today to discuss how to give your employees always-on access to the tools they use for work.

Any Device

Today, most employees expect to be able to work on multiple devices. Such devices could be company-issued or personal devices. The modern workplace has the necessary devices and security protocols in place to allow this. Upgrade your workplace today and see your employee productivity levels skyrocket. Let Superior IT guide you to the best work devices and device policies for your new and upgraded modern work environment.

Modern Workplace Benefits

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A Microsoft modern workspace can bring your business a world of benefits. When you work with Superior IT, we’ll tailor-make a modern workplace solution that fits your needs. We can customise for you a solution that scales up from a simple Microsoft Office 365 deployment to sophisticated cloud services like Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Power BI desktop and workplace analytics office 365. Once we set up for you your modern workplace, here are some of the benefits you can look forward to enjoying:

Mobile Workforce

Workforce mobility is a must for any competitive business. If your employees cannot work while on the move, you may be falling behind your competitors. With a modern workplace, your employees will have the tools and infrastructure they need to work while on the move. Such tools may include cloud email from Microsoft 365, work-related mobile apps and secure networks that they can access remotely. Talk to Superior IT today on how to give your workforce the ability to work while on the move through workplace 365.

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Easy Collaboration

Your employees see increased productivity when they have easy communication and collaboration. Why not give them the workplace tools to achieve this? A modern workplace office 365 offers easily accessible cloud collaboration tools so your employees can maximise their productivity. Office 365 apps like Word, PowerPoint and Microsoft SharePoint online enable your workers to create and collaborate on work in the cloud. So, whether your employees are seated across from each other or across the globe, work can continue smoothly.

Smart Data

Modern businesses care about data. Critical data must be handled with care. The modern workplace offers secure data storage, office 365 workplace analytics, and management tools to help keep your data safe. Microsoft OneDrive is one such tool. As a cloud storage application, your employees can securely store, access and share files both onsite and remotely. Forget about local folders that are difficult to access. The modern workplace from Superior IT brings you the smart data tools you need.

Open Communication

Communication tools are a core component of your Perth company. The Superior IT modern workplace brings you fast, secure and easily accessible open communication tools. We can help you set up Outlook, Office 365 SharePoint or Microsoft Teams to help your workers communicate easily. Moreover, as an integrated suite of products, you can opt to have all the apps connected, so your employees work seamlessly across all apps.

Modern Tools

Bring modern tools to your company by introducing the modern workplace. While in the past, using modern tools meant spending a fortune, today, through affordable and straightforward subscriptions, any business can use the latest and greatest work tools. Simply speak to a Superior IT representative today and mention your need to upgrade your work tools. We’ll help you discover the right tools for your business and install/rollout the tools for you.

Build a Modern Workplace with OneDrive

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OneDrive is a simple yet powerful tool within the office 365 modern workplace. Not only does OneDrive act as a storage medium, but it also does so in a pretty smart way. Here are some great features you get with a OneDrive subscription:

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Cloud Syncing

Sync all your documents to the cloud by choosing to save everything to the OneDrive folder on your computer. With files saved to the cloud, you can access them at any time and from any device.

Document Versions

If you choose to save your documents to OneDrive, the system will save all versions of any documents you work on within the folder. In case a file becomes corrupted, you can quickly restore a previous version.

Ransomware Protection

Microsoft offers cloud ransomware attack protection for all files stored in the cloud. In case your local computer gets infected, you can easily access your cloud files.

Tons of Space

All Office 365 OneDrive for business subscriptions get 1TB of space, per user. That’s more space than most of your employees will ever need for work-related data storage.

Microsoft OneDrive is an essential component of the modern workplace. Call us today and let us roll out the storage solution for all your employees.

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