Private Cloud: 5 Reasons Why You Should Consider

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June 23, 2019
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June 23, 2019

Google App Engine, Windows Azure Services Platform, Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud. These are the most popular public clouds available on the market. Much of their popularity is owed to the fact that these are managed by trailblazing companies. But what else is there to these platforms aside from the fact that they are manned by the world’s biggest names?

The answer? Not much. In fact, more and more companies are opting for private cloud services because of the distinct benefits they can offer any kind of user. Here are the five best reasons why you should choose a private cloud.

Private Cloud: What Is It?

In very simple terms, the private cloud is dedicated to your company alone. Unlike a public cloud, the private variation is hosted within the company. This means that the servers are not controlled by any provider. More importantly, they are set-up within your company, using your own equipment, and managed by your own team of IT experts.

These might appear insignificant so allow us to contextualize this in terms of cost and performance:

The Truth Behind The Cost – It’s Cheaper

A private cloud is cheaper than a public cloud. Forget what you think about private property and how expensive it is, because it’s an entirely different story when it comes to cloud solutions. Because of the cheaper long-term costs, private clouds are perfect for companies who have growth in mind and want to invest primarily in data protection.

The creation of a private cloud can be costly upfront but pays off if you consider the total cost value. A public cloud has annual premiums which can (and will) go up to hundreds and thousands of dollars; a private cloud doesn’t. Once it’s setup, it’s yours for free, forever.

Increased Mobility For Cross-Map Operations

For multinational businesses, there is no other option but to go private. Most public solutions have geographic restrictions and can prove limiting for cross-border operations. Private clouds operate on company-owned servers which makes it possible to establish multiple sites in different locations.
This allows multinational companies to grow and expand without worrying about restrictions. The company can easily set up servers in various locations and synchronize these to the central hub.

Incredibly Personalized Features

No two businesses are alike, so why should clouds provide the exact same solution to everyone? Private clouds are completely flexible. Elements such as data plans, graphic cards, and memory can easily be adjusted according to what the company needs. Instead of fitting yourself in a public cloud package, you are given the opportunity to craft what you want from scratch with the private variation.

Every task and every operation is taken into account when you build your own cloud from scratch. Everything from software to hardware are fitted according to what you need and what you plan to be as you expand and grow as a business.

Autonomy And Independence

A lot of companies switch to private clouds because of the independence it offers. With public clouds, companies have to comply with service contracts that may not coincide with the company’s developmental goals. Tinkering on a database hosted on a public server can be seen as a violation of a contract and can lead to the company’s expulsion.

On the other hand, private clouds grant companies the ability to work at their own pace. Want to make upgrades? Go ahead. Need to repair data points? No need to ask anyone. Private clouds are the best solution for any intuitive, action-driven company.

Unrivaled Privacy And Protection

Every single piece of your data will be secured like never before. Private service hosting protects you from information breaches because you know that your database is in-house and safe from public domains. Nobody else has access to your servers but your team. Your servers are (quite literally) locked in a room, and only you have the key.

Instances of private cloud data hacking are close to none, because private clouds are designed with ultimate privacy in mind. Public clouds will never be able to compete, because no matter how secure their system may be, the underlining factor of being a public cloud exposes it to failures and breaches. As such, multi-million dollar establishments such as banks and other financial institutions whose existence depends on private data opt for private solutions for worry-free storage.

Can I Use A Private Cloud?

Your business doesn’t have to be a multimillion dollar corporation to make you eligible for a private cloud. Private clouds with smaller scale operations can be customized entirely to fit your company’s needs. At the end of the day, you will still have the same secure, reliable, mobile, and independent server that you need in order to grow (or continue growing) your business.

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