Regardless of your industry or field, Superior IT provides Managed IT Solutions and services that can enrich your business today. With a variety of expertise that covers all branches of IT and modern technology, our team of technicians and engineers can recommend the best hardware and software solutions fit for your business and its needs. Our goal with all clients is to find the top solutions to push your organization or company to its highest potential, in the short-term and long-term.

Large and small Perth-based organizations and companies have benefited from our services over the last decade. Our experience has included industries such as:


Security is of the utmost importance for law firms and other legal-related organizations, in their continued efforts to uphold confidentiality. The most updated software must continually be raised in place to protect sensitive data and information regularly targeted by hackers. Lawyers must also have reliable computers and IT systems, or risk falling into their own legal issues after jeopardized cases and lost documents. With Superior IT’s Managed IT Services, we equip law firms with maximum security.


IT infrastructure with insurance companies, investment and financial institutions, and real estate agencies are required by law to stay up to date with all legal regulations, ensuring maximum security for their customers. Managed IT Services from Superior IT guarantees the most advanced security software alongside a variety of other services, including servicing audits for compliance verification, mobility, password protection, data security, client data encryption, document management solutions, and more.

Product Development

When involved with the product development industries, every company needs to maximize every part of their system to gain the slightest edge over their competitors. Superior IT grants you the luxury of having a world class IT infrastructure keeping your system running smoothly, with custom-made software equipped with workplace environment solutions dealing with sales, logistics, inventory management, and customer or client retention. Superior IT is here to maximize your profits and efficiency, and equip you with tech support for CRM systems, order entry, inventory, and production.


Superior IT has worked firsthand with many graphic design, PR, marketing, advertising, and communications companies, who rely heavily on deadline management and project juggling. In these industries, timely output and reliability are cornerstones towards building a foundation of loyal and returning clients. Superior IT provides the software to equip you with the ideal solutions to maximize clear communication and timely product output. Among other things, we provide efficient means to organize portfolios, regularly update software and security, and store and send large files.


The biggest hurdle a technology company must overcome in expansion is its ability or inability to scale. Superior IT understands the needs of technology companies, and provides any growing business with the right infrastructure to analyse current operations and scale it upwards, allowing rapid growth and development to an ever-increasing customer base. With services that include IT procurement and licensing, asset management, and top of the line database management, Superior IT showcases its focus on skills augmentation to help your company optimize in the most efficient way possible.

Non Profit

Non-profit organisations are some of our favourite clientele, and we have delivered Managed IT Services to a number of non-profits over the years. Our engineers and technicians will listen to the unique needs of your organisation and develop strategies and solutions to help streamline your process towards the goal of maximum efficiency. With us running your IT infrastructure behind the scene, it allows your organisation to focus on its more pressing concerns: raising public awareness for the cause and pushing human resources into your goals.