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June 23, 2019
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Most Australians don’t expect working life to return to normal until next year. Swathes of the country are now working from home and this comes with its own unique challenges. For instance, how do you manage your IT systems? Many of us are now reliant on work-from-home tech and without solid IT support, you could be in big trouble. 

There’s also the problem of cyberattacks, which have been on the rise during the coronavirus pandemic. This is an increasingly severe problem too: last month, Australian systems are thought to have been attacked by a foreign stateManaged IT services and a robust IT support system are crucial in these uncertain times. Read on and let’s take a closer look at why these services are so crucial right now.

Your Employees May Need Tech Help

If your employees were having a tech problem at work, they could talk to colleagues or a manager and find a solution. This isn’t possible while working from home. This is where an external IT helpdesk is vital for your business.

Remote IT support can help your employees get back to work faster and make your business as efficient as possible while working from home.

IT Support Minimizes Downtime and Lost Business

Your IT systems aren’t only for your employees, they’re for your customers too. Let’s say that your site goes down and you don’t know why. How will you fix it and minimize your downtime?

Every second that your website is down is a second of business lost. At a time when businesses around the world are being forced to close down due to lost business, you must make sure your site is as available as much as possible. Remote IT services are absolutely essential during the pandemic if you want to escape its worst economic effects.

Managed IT Services Can Bolster Your Security

The number of cyberattacks has increased during the coronavirus pandemic as scammers and hackers hope to take advantage of the disarray left in the wake of worldwide lockdowns. Staying safe requires vigilance and a strong IT system. Managed IT services can help the latter.

Managed IT services can ensure that your company’s machines and servers get the latest patches and updates that can plug security holes. We can also look after security software for you, such as firewalls and antivirus software.

If you do get infected with malware and need it removed, managed IT support can step in and disinfect your system, restoring it to normal.

When cyberattacks are on the increase, don’t gamble with your business. Ensure that you have the best security that you can with managed IT services.

Managed IT Support In Perth

If you’re looking for managed IT support or other IT services in Perth, we can help you. We’ve got a wide range of experts on our team who can help you fix any number of issues and keep your system secure.

We offer a solid, reliable and flexible service with ad-hoc billing, so you’ll always know exactly how much you need to pay. If you don’t use our services during a month, you won’t pay for that month, either.

For more information about our services and our rates, please get in contact with us.

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