Advantages of Using Ms Teams Phone System

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March 28, 2022

MS Teams Phone System

A PBX system is a telephone system in a company. Microsoft Teams phone system in the Office 365 Teams plug-in offers PBX capabilities without using any expensive and complicated equipment.  

With this Microsoft telephone system add-on, you can use your business Skype for and Microsoft Office 365 for performing essential tasks which includes making and receiving calls, reactivate calls, transferring calls or mute calls from anywhere with Internet access.  

The phone system with Office 365 features is available all over the world.  

With the telephone system, business Skype users will obtain the following characteristics: 

What Are Automatic Operators In The Cloud?  

Microsoft Office 365 has a telephone system that offers automatic operators. These operators allow internal and external call authors to move from a menu system to make calls to the various departments and users of the company.  

This automated operator includes series of audio files and voice messages, which callers hear in the place of a human operator. When an individual call on an associated number with an auto attendant, the calls get redirected immediately to the users or allow someone from the company to connect with that user.  

You can set up an automated operator for the telephone system in Office 365, by visiting set up an automatic cloud operator. 

You Can Initiate or Answer the Calls by Name and Number 

You can answer the incoming calls and make outgoing calls either by clicking the name of an individual or by dialing the number in Outlook or Skype for Business.  

Configuration of Call Forwarding Options in Skype for Business  

You can make or answer the calls on behalf of the supervisor you support. Thereby, the notifications allow participants to see clearly when they have to answer or make a call on behalf of another person.  

Simultaneous Call and Call Forwarding 

These features consent to set the rules of diversion so that your calls can go anywhere, and you can redirect calls to either voice mail or colleagues. 

Search for a previous Skype Business conversation 

The Microsoft telephone system allows tracking all the previous conversations in one place. No matter, whether those conversations are coming from planned meetings, IM or phone calls. All the conversations get recorded in the call history.  

Call Waiting / Retrieving Call  

Use this feature when several calls occur at the same time. When you are answering the next incoming call or making an outgoing call, the current call will automatically put on waiting.  

Transferring Of a Call from Skype Business  

With the telephone system in the Microsoft Office, you can transfer the calls to another person. In case, you have to leave your office but have to continue your conversation, you can transfer calls from your desktop, laptop or IP phone to your cell phone or tablet.   

Caller ID  

The Microsoft Telephone system has a detailed call identifier that takes information from your company call directory and it shows you an image and the post instead of just a phone number.   

Create a Call Queue in the Cloud 

Cloud call queues include greetings that are used when a user calls a phone number in their organization, the ability to automatically place calls on hold, and the ability to search for the next available call agent to control the call while calling them. Callers are listening to music on hold.   

Reporting Can Be Done When the Status of A User Changes  

This feature of a Microsoft telephone system permits you to tag the individuals who are not available currently and get a notification when their status of presence changes. 

Get Alerts to Change Skype Business (Lync) 

When you will set different tones for different kind of calls that you receive on a daily basis, you will be able to know quickly who is calling.  

Routing the Calls of Business Calendar  

The feature of call routing let you to make use of your Exchange calendar business hours to facilitate or stop doing call forwarding and simultaneous calls in Business Skype.  

Integrated Marking Keyboard  

You can dial by name or number anywhere in the search bar and on the dial pad, this will speed up the process of making outgoing calls.  

Use of a Desk Phone to Make a Skype Business Call  

When your desk phone is registered for online business Skype with your Microsoft Office 365 credentials, you can make a call to the people in your company with the help of the desk phone.  

Skype and Federated Calls Can Be Made Safely  

You can look for anyone in the Skype directory, and then get in touch with them safely.   

Make or Receive a Video Call with Skype Business 

With Microsoft Office 365 telephone system, you can see the name of the caller and the video series in a small floating window, which gives you an alert that is ready to give an answer to any question.  

Check Business Skype and Voice Mail for Business Options  

In this when a user gets a voice message, it is sent to his mailbox with the voice message as an attachment. You can also listen to the received messages with the help of a Lync for Mac and other applications for Skype Business. Cloud voicemail features various options such as answering to a call, a message waiting for revert, and personalized greeting. You can see all the voicemails deposited in mailboxes. 

Music on Hold 

This feature works for calls between RTC users and between computers, in addition to calls made to a call queue. This feature offers uniformity of alerts that are waiting with other platforms. In the first version, the administrator cannot configure this feature.   

Plan and Configure the Telephone System in Microsoft Office 365 

It is recommended to organize the telephone system in the way that best suits your organization. You can use the telephone system plugin with your organizations’ telephone lines or the telephone system with the calling plan service for incoming and outgoing calls. You can also attain a new Office 365 phone numbers or transfer the existing numbers to your Skype Business. 

Hence, you must invest in this Microsoft technology to take various benefits in your digital workplace. Stay tuned with our Facebook and LinkedIn page to get daily updates

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