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What is the Cloud?

The term cloud may be somewhat of a fad these days, but it’s a concept that has been around for almost as long as the internet itself. Cloud refers to servers, both physical and virtual, that reside in a different location from the person accessing them. In other words, when you remotely access an off-premises server, you are accessing the cloud. However, while this may be the simple definition of cloud, there’s a lot more that goes into cloud services.

Harness the Power of the Cloud for Your Business

The power of the cloud lies in its ability to create virtualised environments for your business apps, data and processes. Compared to on-premises servers, cloud based services have a lot more flexibility and dynamism. Businesses in Perth that harness the power of the cloud are more competitive, have access to better computing resources and spend less.

If you are wondering how cloud services can benefit your business, you have come to the right place. Superior IT cloud services are designed to help you make the most of the advantages cloud services have to offer. Read on to discover how much more you can do with Superior IT cloud services.

Superior IT Cloud Services Breakdown

Cloud Servers

Cloud servers are the heart of cloud services. With access to cloud servers, you have vast computing and data storage capabilities at your fingertips. 

Superior IT provides you with access to cloud servers from Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services or any other vendor you desire to work with. 

Access to cloud servers allows you to deploy your apps, processes and data to the cloud quickly and efficiently.

Cloud Email

On-premises email is fast becoming a thing of the past. Modern businesses are transitioning to faster, safer and more dynamic web based cloud email services. 

Superior IT can help you make this transition, moving your email data from legacy systems to cloud email systems.

 Moreover, we’ll also help you connect your employees to email via their preferred devices, so they can access their email safely and securely while on the move.

Cloud Applications

Cloud applications such as Microsoft Office 365 offer Perth businesses numerous advantages over desktop applications. 

Superior IT can help your business switch to cloud applications, so you no longer need to worry about software updates, remote access challenges, expensive licenses and security risks. 

Cloud applications take care of all these issues so you can focus on growing your business.

Cloud Backups

Forget about keeping hard disk backups in your office safe. Cloud storage creates copies of your essential data and then spreads them across multiple secure data centres. 

With your data in the cloud, you don’t need to worry about losing access to your data or data theft at your business premises. 

Cloud backups allow you to access your data from anywhere, helping you run your business from any location.

Benefits of Cloud Services to Your Business

Cloud services are essential to any forward-thinking Perth business. Here are some of the benefits you get from using Superior IT cloud services:

Reduced IT costs: Cloud services significantly reduce your need to purchase expensive IT hardware and software. Leaning on Superior IT’s expert cloud services staff, you also do not need to invest in costly wages for in-house IT experts.

Easy collaboration: Cloud services make it easy to collaborate across vast distances while maintaining efficiency, security and effectiveness.

Flexible work practices: Cloud services from Superior IT can help support more flexible and dynamic work practices for your business. 

Such practices may include remote working, accessing work applications while in transit and securely sharing data with advisors or partners.

Business continuity and disaster recovery: In the event of a calamity like flooding or a fire, cloud services, hosted off-premises, remain unaffected. 

Your business can go on operating, despite the physical damage caused by the disaster.


Best Cloud Service Providers

As one of the best cloud service providers in Perth, Superior IT delivers reliable cloud services your business can bank on. Our team of cloud experts are on hand to analyse your business and offer expert solutions to help your business migrate to the cloud.

 Whether you need your entire business processes moved to the cloud or need cloud backups, we can help you realise your expectations. Consider working with Superior IT, one of the best cloud services companies in Perth.

Cloud Computing

What is Cloud Computing?

You may be wondering, what is the difference between cloud services in and cloud computing? Cloud services are services that support cloud computing technology. On the other hand, cloud computing relates to the actual cloud software deployed through cloud services. 

Cloud computing also refers to the process of accessing remote computing resources to complete tasks. Thanks to internet connections, today any business in Perth has access to vast cloud computing resources.

Superior IT Cloud Computing Services

Superior IT helps your business extend its computing capabilities by connecting you to popular cloud computing resources. Whether you want to host your business apps on Microsoft Azure or deploy Microsoft Office 365 across several locations, we can help you harness the power of cloud computing through tailor-made cloud computing solutions. 

We also offer expert consulting on how to use cloud computing to lower IT costs, increase productivity and bolster IT security across your business.

Cloud Computing Service Breakdown


Cloud as a service is an all-encompassing option that gives you access to all cloud computing resources. Services such as Google cloud computing, Microsoft Azure and Amazon cloud services are examples of cloud as a service. 

Superior IT can help you deploy such resources in your business to help your apps run faster and within a more secure environment.


Software as a service or SaaS gives you access to cloud applications like Microsoft Office 365 and other cloud applications. 

SaaS is especially useful for businesses that only need access to apps but do not want to invest in building or buying the apps. In this way, Superior IT SaaS services can help your business enjoy lower business application costs.


Running an on-premises data backup solution can be costly. Cloud backups or backup as a service in cloud computing offers access to vast storage resources, and you only pay a fraction of the cost of maintaining an in-house solution. 

Once Superior IT helps you backup your data to the cloud, you do not need to worry about security. 

Data centres enjoy sophisticated security measures maintained by the vendors, saving you the time and money associated with maintaining your own data security.


Infrastructure as a service is an option that gives Perth business instant access to networked cloud infrastructure components such as servers, network firewalls and physical data centres. 

Access to such infrastructure can help your business deploy an entire business process architecture, without the need to invest in these infrastructure components.


Platform as a service or service PaaS extends infrastructure as a service to include development tools, database management services, business analytics, virtual machines and operating systems. Superior IT can help you use PaaS resources to augment and support your internal IT processes. 

Two PaaS options we can help you deploy are Microsoft Power BI and machine learning. Sitting on top of the Microsoft Azure cloud computing infrastructure, you can quickly deploy both without any additions to your on-premises IT resources, helping you save time and money.

Superior IT Cloud Computing Options

Superior IT can help you deploy any one of the three types of cloud computing resources:


Public Cloud: Superior IT can help you set up your IT resources within a public cloud environment like AWS or Microsoft Azure. Our public cloud services will help you navigate the setup and deployment steps so you can deploy quickly and securely.

Private Cloud: If your business needs a private cloud, we can set up for you an on-premises or off-premises private cloud. We will also set up secure connection channels through encrypted private networks.

Hybrid Cloud: Hybrid clouds combine the best aspects of private and public clouds. Superior IT can help you create and deploy a hybrid cloud within your organisation, bringing you the best of both worlds.

Benefits of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing has numerous benefits, which is the main reason it has become so popular. Superior IT can help you benefit from the advantages of cloud computing, which include:

24/7 secure remote access: The cloud is always on, meaning you can access your storage and computing resources at any time. This can help your business offer always-on services such as 24/7 e-commerce ordering.

Lower cost per unit of computing power: Cloud computing gives you access to vast computing resources for a fraction of the cost of those resources. As shared resources, the cost is split among all users, making them extremely affordable.

Outsourced security: Cloud computing service providers like Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure invest millions of dollars in securing their cloud computing resources. This high level of protection extends to you as a customer.

Exceptional performance: Cloud computing resources are optimised for outstanding performance. When you host your apps and data in the cloud, you can rest assured you will enjoy fast speeds, 99.99% uptime and other performance perks.

Scalability: Cloud computing allows you to scale up and scale down the resources you need quickly. Forget about purchasing all-you-can-eat IT resources – invest in on-demand Superior IT cloud computing services instead.


Automatic updates: Cloud apps enjoy automatic updates, so your employees always have the latest and safest versions of all the apps you use.

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