What is IT as a Service? IT as a Service, or ITaaS in short, is a modern and efficient IT delivery model that helps businesses access on-demand IT resources. If you run a business in Perth, you may find you need specific IT support at different times. In the past, you would need to buy bloated IT support to get what you need. IT-as-a-Service changes that. Our modular IT support gives you clear options to pick from, allowing you to request only the support you need.

At Superior IT, we know IT as a Service so well, we might as well have written IT as a Service for Dummies. As one of the most experienced IT as a Service companies in Perth and the wider Western Australia, we have the experience to help you with any IT needs you may have. Instead of purchasing expensive and bloated IT services bundled with extras you do not need, consider using Superior IT’s IT as a Service model. Clients who choose our managed IT services company in Perth go on to see significant cost savings, better IT performance and an all-round better IT experience.

IT as a Service Benefits

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When you use Superior IT’s management as a Service, here are some of the benefits you get from our service level agreement:


With options for most of your IT needs, our service is simple to understand and use. When you need specific IT support, let us know and that is exactly what we will offer you. Forget about complex contracts and unclear options. Using an IT as a Service model will help simplify your support needs, leaving you with more time to focus on other areas of your business.


Cost Effective

When you choose Superior IT as your Service provider, you get a pay-as-you-use payment and operational model. Only pay for the managed services you are using, when you use them. If you need us to be on standby, we also offer this as a managed service, only billing you for the hours you need. If you want more significant savings, consider discussing IT as a Service with a member of our team of professional IT experts.


Sometimes you will need technology solutions that your internal staff cannot handle. For example, a large software development or application development project. In such cases, you do not need to hire an expensive consultant. Plug into our IT-as-a-Service and get the experts you need, on-demand. It is not only more affordable to do it this way, but it also saves you time as we have IT experts on hand, ready to assist.


IT as a Service enables your business to scale up or scale down resources depending on required capacities. Instead of purchasing excess IT resources that idle when capacity is down, only buy what you need, when you need it. Whether you want to scale up server bandwidth, gain access to platform as a service resources or upgrade helpdesk support, Superior IT can offer you the support you need.



Consumption-based managed IT services offer greater clarity on what you are consuming and where your IT resources are being used. With greater transparency, you can identify areas that require additional support such as upgrades to slow computer systems, more network nodes to cover Wi-Fi blind spots and so on.

IT-as-a-Service Options for Your Every IT Need

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Whatever your IT needs in Western Australia, our quality support is on hand to assist:

IT Consulting

If you need IT consulting services, you can tap into our pool of experts to get the insights you need. We can help you upgrade your systems, purchase new software or redesign your entire IT infrastructure.

Software as a Service and Cloud Computing

Whether you want to move your IT to a private cloud, need additional capacity from public cloud environments or need help setting up private public hybrid clouds, we are here to help. Our cloud service experts are on hand to help you with any cloud computing needs you have.

IT Consulting

IT Outsourcing

Need to outsource some aspects of your IT needs to support business growth? Tap into our IT as a Service option to get all the IT outsourced capacity you need – from custom app development to helpdesk support.

IT Infrastructure as a Service

Your business technology anchors on your IT infrastructure, which is why you always need it up and running. Don’t let network interruptions disrupt your business. Contact us at any time to help you get back to business fast.

Disaster Recovery

Superior IT’s IT as a Service in Perth helps you prepare for any eventuality through robust disaster recovery and business continuity support. Enjoy peace of mind knowing all your data and apps are seamlessly backed up to an offsite data centre.

Managed IT Support and Helpdesk

Your customers and employees rely on your IT support and helpdesk resources to perform. Why not offer world-class support through our managed IT support desk and helpdesk service?

IT Security Perth

Data security is every business’s top priority. Our expert IT security personnel have the skills, certifications and experience to secure all your data and apps.

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