Microsoft Teams is a unified communication cloud collaboration platform that enables small businesses in Perth to communicate and collaborate effectively. As part of the broader Microsoft ecosystem of business tools, MS Teams is an excellent option for small businesses looking to connect better and even work remotely. 

Once set up, employees can connect to Teams online or connect via the Teams app for desktop or mobile. Small businesses in Perth can benefit from using either the free version of Teams or get it as part of a Microsoft 365 business subscription.

If you are thinking about using a real time collaboration platform for your small Perth business, Superior IT recommends using Teams. Having helped dozens of small companies including first line workers take this step, we understand the benefits the communications tool can bring to your business. 

We can help you install it across all your devices and train your staff on how to use it effectively. This will make it easy for you to replace face to face meetings with an equally effective way of meeting and collaborating through the cloud.

Benefits of Using Microsoft Teams

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Productivity Gains

Small businesses that use Teams see immense productivity gains. 

From video conferencing to group chat, and even the ability to chat privately within Teams, small businesses using MS Teams as a hub for teamwork achieve significant productivity gains when they use the tool effectively.

Extensive Functionality

Teams is the Swiss Army Knife of collaboration tools. Built into the platform, you will find support for meeting scheduling, video meeting, screen sharing, chat based file uploads and previews, email integration, instant messaging, and so much more. 

Built as a centralized collaboration hub for teams, MS Teams brings together extensive functionalities so you and your team can work from one place.


Teams Integrates with Other Microsoft Tools

MS Teams works with all other Microsoft products. For a small business in Perth using Microsoft Office, this becomes extremely useful because you can efficiently work with all your current files from within Teams. 

Connect OneDrive to upload and share files within chats, preview files from within Teams, and even send files to email addresses from within Teams.

Numerous Third-party Integrations

If you use 3rd party tools like HubSpot or Salesforce, you can easily connect these tools to MS Teams. These integrations make it easy to pull data into Teams or push data to your third-party apps from Teams. 

Saving time but allowing you to keep using the tools you have been using.

Remote Working Ready

Remote working continues to be a big trend for small businesses in Perth. More small businesses are embracing technology to streamline team conversations, boost productivity and drive down costs. 

MS Teams provides all the tools you need to manage and effectively collaborate with remote workers and teams. Easily set up conference calls, group chats, share files, and more all from within Teams.

Security and Compliance

MS Teams offers enhanced security and compliance features that may be necessary for your business. All communications on Teams are encrypted, which acts as a powerful safety feature against data breaches. 

Calls on Teams are also fully encrypted, an important feature when having sensitive meetings with staff or clients across the country or the world.

Enhanced Meetings

Meetings in MS Teams come enhanced with additional tools that make it easier to get more out of each session. Record calls or video chats, get transcripts of a meeting, take notes during a meeting, or translate conversations all within Teams. 

MS Teams helps you do more with your meetings so you can get more done with fewer meetings.

Desktop and Mobile Apps

Microsoft Teams desktop app makes it easy and convenient to use the platform within your desktop environment. Teams mobile apps for Android and Apple are great for staying connected on your mobile device. 

Since all the apps have the same functionality as the cloud version, you can efficiently work across platforms without skipping a beat.

Why Superior IT for Microsoft Teams?

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Microsoft Teams Expertise

Superior IT has extensive experience helping small Perth businesses install and use MS Teams. 

Whether your small business already has Teams installed or you need assistance with setting everything up, we can help you deploy Teams across your business. 

We can also train your team on how to use the tool, including how to use Microsoft Teams whiteboard or how to create Microsoft teams meeting so that they can get maximum value from its various features.

Cloud Collaboration Experience

Cloud collaboration is a significant part of doing business today. Superior IT has extensive experience deploying cloud collaboration tools like Zoom and Teams to small businesses across Western Australia. 

We can help you compare Zoom meeting vs. Microsoft Teams or help you with replacing Skype for Business, depending on what you need.

End-to-end Microsoft 365 Solutions

Superior IT offers end-to-end Microsoft 356 solutions, so we can help you deploy Teams as part of your Microsoft 365 subscription. If you currently use Office 365, you will see how easy it is to connect and collaborate via Teams. 

We will seamlessly connect all your Microsoft apps so you can keep working as usual.

Managed Microsoft Teams Service

If you have an Office 365 subscription, we can manage it for you as an outsourced managed IT service. As part of this managed service, we will handle your Microsoft Teams admin centre, ensuring all the apps, integrations, policies, and permission you need are configured correctly.

Superior IT Microsoft Teams Service Breakdown

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Microsoft Teams Training in Perth

Superior IT offers Microsoft Teams training in Perth to small businesses in the area. We train your team members on essential Teams functions including:


What is Microsoft Teams


How to install Microsoft Teams


How to use Microsoft Teams whiteboard


Microsoft Teams login


What are Microsoft Teams rooms


How to join Microsoft Teams meeting


How to use the Microsoft Teams app


How to access and use the Microsoft Teams admin centre


How to create Microsoft Teams meeting


How to use Microsoft Teams


Microsoft Teams app download for desktop and mobile


Microsoft Teams invite external users to meeting


How to install and use Microsoft Teams for Mac


How to use Microsoft Teams calendar


What is a Microsoft Teams meeting


How to start a Microsoft Teams call

Whatever your MS Teams training in Perth needs, we can help update your worker’s skills, so they effectively use the collaboration tool.

Teams Installation and Support

If you do not have Teams installed, we can install it for you and provide ongoing support to your team members as they use it. 

Downloading Teams is free, but you may need assistance installing it within a business environment and ensuring all your staff members are correctly connected.

We can assist to set access permissions and all business features activation.

Microsoft Teams Comparison

With numerous collaboration platforms available, you need a trusted and experienced partner to pick the right one for your business. We will help you do a Zoom meeting vs. Microsoft Teams comparison. 

You will see which one works best for your company and meets both your collaboration and productivity needs as well as providing enterprise level security and compliance.

Microsoft Teams Migrations

Superior IT can help you migrate file server to Microsoft Teams, perform a StaffHub migration to Teams, SFB to Teams migration, or a Slack to Teams migration. Whatever collaboration tool you are currently using, we can help you smoothly transition to using Teams.

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