Business Internet is a service offered to businesses that need a fast and reliable Internet connection. Although similar to home Internet, Internet for business is designed to accommodate the higher demands of business needs. At the top of the list of those needs are speed and reliability. 

Unlike home Internet that has no significant impact if the link drops, for a business, such a drop could mean lost revenue. That is why business Internet prioritizes speed and reliability so that businesses can carry on their activities with few interruptions or disruptions.

Superior IT internet for business services deliver cheap small business phone internet service to your small business. When you pick any of our business internet packages, you can be confident that you will have fast Internet speeds and reliable connectivity.

 That means when you have a conference call or a Zoom call, you will not experience poor connectivity or frequent call drops. To find out more about why we are one of the preferred fixed wireless business internet providers in Perth, get in touch with the Superior IT team that will be more than willing to assist you.

Benefits of Superior IT Business Internet

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Cheap Internet for Business

Nothing beats cheap Internet when you are trying to grow your business. Although you need the connectivity, if your package is too expensive, it could negatively impact your business. Superior IT offers some of the cheapest Internet packages in Perth. You can benefit from fast and reliable Internet without burning a hole in your pocket.

Business Internet

Plans for Everyone

If you are a small business in Perth, you probably don’t need an enterprise package costing hundreds of dollars a month. With Superior IT, you can choose the best plan to fit your business needs and budget. As your business grows, you can easily upgrade to higher business packages to accommodate your growth.

Super Fast Speeds

Fast speeds for internet at your business are non-negotiable. That is why all our Internet packages offer the fastest Internet in Perth. Even when you pick the lower speed packages, you can be sure that you will exactly get what you pay for in terms of speed and reliability.

Reliable Broadband Service Uptime

Superior IT’s Internet offers uptime reliability that you can bank on. When you get connected to the best internet connection, you can expect almost no downtime in your connectivity. Even when you do experience downtime, you can be sure our technicians will resolve the issue quickly and get your connection back up with as little downtime as possible.

No Lock-in Contracts

If you need flexibility in your business Internet contract, we have you covered. Our business plans have no activation fee and are no-lock-in, giving you the flexibility that you need to manage your costs and upgrade or downgrade your packages as your business needs change.

Unlimited Data

Forget about data limits. Our business plans offer unlimited bandwidth so you can run your business without having to keep checking your bandwidth. With unlimited bandwidth, you can also run data-intensive business apps, run HD conference video, and so much more, all while paying a fixed amount each month and maintaining higher shaping speed ratings.

Fixed and Mobile Business Internet

Superior IT Internet for business gives you both fixed Internet and mobile Internet options. If you primarily have a mobile workforce, you can pick the mobile 4G or 5G option. If all your business is carried out on-premises, you can use the fixed line or ADSL business internet plans.

Simple Billing

Whether you pick one service or ten, all your Internet bills will come in a simplified, consolidated format. You will not need to comb through pages upon pages of bills each month. Since most of our packages are subscription-based, you have the option to pay for your package as a one, three, six or twelve months contract.

Pay-as-you-go Calling Pack

Pay-as-you-go calling is a business Internet add-on service that allows you to call via VoIP telephony. Picking Internet plans Perth with this option gives your small business in Perth access to cheap local and International VoIP calls, with the opportunity to buy more minutes when your calling pack runs out of free monthly minutes.

Why Superior IT for Business Internet?

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Internet Expertise

Superior IT has substantial expertise in business Internet service provision in Perth and Australia. Having delivered Internet services to dozens of small businesses in Perth, we have the local skill, reach, and capabilities to provide the same quality of service to your small business.

Multiple Internet Options

We believe one size does not fit all, so our internet connection pricing is designed to accommodate different needs. Since our products are unbundled, you can pick the service options you need like a static IP, unlimited calls or unlimited data and leave out those you do not currently need. Also, our no lock-in contracts make it easy to switch from one package to another at no extra cost.

NBN Partner Access

Superior IT works with NBN partners like iiNet business in Perth and Western Australia to bring you business broadband internet. With blazing high speeds and unprecedented uptime, your business can benefit from NBN connectivity through our local partnership with NBN partners. Find out if your business area is covered by NBN or give us a call and we will let you know.

24/7 Customer Service

All Superior IT broadband service customers get access to round the clock business support. Because we understand Internet access is crucial to your business operations, we invest heavily in ensuring you have 24/7 access to expert IT support personnel, so you never have extended downtime when you experience a service disruption.

Superior IT Internet Service Breakdown

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NBN Broadband

The Australian National Broadband Network initiative is bringing high-speed Internet connectivity to businesses and homes across the country. Superior IT can help connect your business to business NBN plans if your area is covered by NBN infrastructure. Give us a call today to find out if your area is covered and how you can get connected.

5G Broadband

5G is the fastest mobile Internet network available today. With some areas in Perth covered, Superior IT can get your business connected to the 5G network to experience faster mobile broadband speeds. If you already have a fixed-line network, connecting to 5G is a good redundancy option for when your fixed line connection drops or gets a lower shaping speed.


Office Broadband

Superior IT business broadband plan includes reliable, fast, and affordable business line Internet in Perth. With an option to pick from NBN, cable, or ADSL broadband, you have what you need to get connected and get the services you need. All our plans are also customizable to the speed and amount you want to pay each month.

Wireless Broadband

Superior IT wireless Internet means fast and secure connectivity, without the hassle of cables and routers. When you sign up, we will set you up with a Wi-Fi modem and connect you to the fastest 4G or 5G network in your area. Wireless broadband is especially great for businesses that need to cover a wide area with Internet connectivity and want to avoid the cost of laying out fixed broadband cabling.

Mobile Broadband

Whether 4G or 5G, Superior IT can have your mobile workforce set up and connected in no time, helping you enjoy fast speeds, reliable uptime, and mobile connectivity on your business phone or tablet. Superior IT can help set you up with data-only SIM cards, modems, or mobile-connected business iPads for your business, so you keep working, even when on the move.

Business Internet Phone Lines

Phone lines allow you to make calls over the Internet to local or international destinations. Usually cheaper than fixed-line and mobile plans, you can easily switch your entire office to Internet phones and save money. Talk to us today to find out about getting a business phone and how your business can benefit from Internet telephony.

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