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Data Recovery is the safest way to resume and continue to conduct business after natural disasters such as fires, earthquakes, floods or unplanned incidents such as data deletion, corruption, human errors, and software or hardware failures. These disastrous events can cripple any business regardless of its size.

Restoring your operations can be painless and significantly reduce down time through a service we call Business Continuity.

After data loss or system failure, business continuity helps restore IT services and core processes. So you and your staff can be operational in no time. Business continuity does not only apply to larger organisations. Smaller businesses can be affected by loss of critical business data or system failures.

Disaster Recovery Services Enables Business Continuity.

When an incident occurs, our IT recovery experts will assess the extent of damage and execute our Business Continuity plan to get you back up and running.

Business Disaster Recovery Planning; A crucial exercise every Perth business should undertake. Unfortunately, we've had to implement our Business Continuity plan for Businesses in Perth.

Your Disaster Recovery Plan will include a Recovery Time Objective (RTO) and a Recovery point objective (RPO). Here is how our recovery experts will set out creating and implementing this plan:

What You Can Expect:

✓ Comprehensive Disaster Recovery Plan

✓ Data Backup & Secure Offsite Storage

✓ Risk Assessment

✓ Set & Forget Setup

✓ Step-by-step Coverage & Support

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4 Reasons Why You Need a Disaster Recovery Plan:

[ 1 ] Reduce or Eliminate Downtime:
  • We provide immediate redundancy keeping your systems online through the disaster.
[ 2 ] Data Backup Security:
  • All Superior IT backup and redundancy options offer comprehensive data centre security for data at rest and in transit.
[ 3 ] Multilayer Redundancy:
  • IT infrastructure with multilayer redundancy provides multiple failover options through cloud Disaster Recovery software.
[ 4 ] Detailed Disaster Recovery Plan:
  • We create a detailed recovery plans that cover every aspect of your business, multi-department, multi-site, or countrywide.


Have some questions? Here are a few commonly asked Q & A's:

What is RTO?

Recovery Time Objective (RTO) is the period an application, system, or process can be unavailable without significantly harming the company's operations, as well as the period required to restore the application and its data and resume regular business operations following a significant incident.

What is RPO?

The maximum amount of data that can be lost after recovering from a disaster, failure, or equivalent event before data loss exceeds what is acceptable to an organization and is known as the recovery point objective (RPO). This amount of data loss is quantified in terms of time.

How does recovery point objective work?

High-priority applications frequently need tighter RPOs, which necessitates more frequent backups. In these circumstances, the IT staff must plan backup methods that can meet such RPOs, like the use of snapshots and replication together (also known as near-continuous data protection, or near-CDP).

To achieve nearly 100% availability for both applications and data, the team will integrate failover services with continuous replication or a continuous data protection system (CDP) when RPO is close to zero.

How do you calculate recovery point objective?

RPOs can be established based on how often files are updated. This demonstrates that after a service interruption, your operations that have been restored still use the most recent version of your data. For instance, regularly changed files require a brief RPO of no more than a few minutes to ensure IT can resume operations after a disruptive incident with the least amount of data loss.

Factors that can affect RPOs include:

  • Maximum data loss that a particular company can tolerate
  • Factors related to the industry: Companies handling sensitive data, such financial transactions or medical records, must update more often.
  • Speed of recovery may be impacted by data storage choices, like as physical files versus cloud storage.
  • The price of lost data and operations
  • Plans for compliance include measures for recovering from disasters, losing data, and having access to data that may damage organizations.
  • The price of putting catastrophe recovery systems in place

RPOs, once established, serve to specify the BCP's objectives, and each business unit should have a unique set of RPOs. For instance, lower RPOs are required for financial transactions and other mission-critical data activities than for less regularly updated files like personnel records.

What do you mean by Set & Forget Setup?

Our Disaster Recovery Plans use a set-and-forget approach. This way, you don't have to overstretch your limited resources to maintain the policy and plan we have set.

Are you really available 24/7?

The short answer is YES, we really are.

Our office hours are 8 am to 5 pm WST, Monday to Friday.
We have a dedicated team available for anything outside those hours, which means 24/7 support is a call, email or text away.

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Superior IT Solutions provides our local IT support and we know we can always rely on them for quick response times and solutions that work for us. They have not disappointed us once so far. They are proactive in setting up schedules and being there for us. I definitely recommend Superior IT Solutions as an IT support and development team.


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Superior IT Solutions have been supporting our business for over 6 years as consultants, any issues where we are unable to connect to access our Network and Data means loss of revenue for us. The team at Superior IT Solutions provide us with a professional level of service and support that not only gives us the confidence that we have a robust network, but more importantly the 'peace of mind' that if an issue does occur, they are onto the problem immediately.


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Not only do they have great on-site support, their capabilities to remotely troubleshoot and solve problems not only save time but money. In addition to their computer and network knowledge, the Superior IT Team are genuine professionals, who deliver on promises, careful not to insult your intelligence or budget.


"Continued Presence"

Perhaps one of the most valuable aspects of doing business with Superior IT Solutions has been their continued presence influencing our 'technology steering' future. The Accounting industry relies heavily upon technology and we continue to be confident that Superior IT Solutions is providing the kind of leadership that will not only influence our growth but also shows us as technologically sound!


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Superior IT's technicians are very knowledgeable and helpful and the support team always respond quickly to our requests, especially when we have an urgent situation. Management is also on hand and happy and willing to sort out any matters that require their attention. We highly recommend Superior IT Solutions as a reliable one-stop shop for all your IT needs.


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If you want a highly knowledgeable and experienced IT team to help you with your company's activities and problems, Superior IT Solutions is the answer. They are smart, professional, very responsive to their client and easy to work with. Our company has used Superior IT Solutions for over 8 years and they are always available, remotely or on premises, whenever we need them. Thank you for resolving our many crises.


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