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Get internet that’s fast and reliable for your business.

Businesses who want a dependable and quick Internet connection might use the business internet service. Internet for business is created to meet the increased demands of commercial needs, yet being similar to home Internet. Speed and dependability are at the top of the list of those requirements.

For a business, a link drop could result in lost revenue, unlike home Internet, which is unaffected if the connection is lost. Because of this, business Internet places a high priority on speed and dependability so that operations may run smoothly.

Your business can get affordable small business phone internet service from Superior IT internet. You can be sure that you will have blazing-fast Internet speeds and dependable connectivity when you choose any of our business internet services.

As a result, you won't encounter poor connectivity or frequent call drops when you have a conference call or a Zoom call. Contact the Superior IT team, who will be more than happy to help you, to learn more about why we are one of Perth's top fixed wireless business internet providers.

Benefits of Superior IT Business Internet:

Cheap Business Internet

When trying to expand your business, there is nothing that can match affordable Internet. Despite the fact that you require connectivity, your business may suffer if your plan is too pricey. Some of the most affordable Internet bundles in Perth are provided by Superior IT. You may take advantage of quick and dependable Internet without breaking the bank.

Arrangements for All

You probably don't need an enterprise package that costs hundreds of dollars a month if you run a small business in Perth. With Superior IT, you may select the package that best suits your company's needs and price range. You can readily switch to more expensive business packages as your company expands.

Extremely Fast Speeds

Fast internet connections are a must for any company. Because of this, all of our Internet packages include Perth's fastest Internet. You can be confident that you will receive precisely what you pay for in terms of speed and dependability even if you choose the slower speed options.

Reliable Internet Access Uptime

You can rely on Superior IT's Internet to be up and running at all times. You may anticipate virtually no downtime in your connectivity when you connect to the greatest internet connection. If you do have downtime, you can be confident that our professionals will find the problem immediately and restore your connection with the least amount of delay possible.

No Lock-in Agreements

We can accommodate your demand for flexibility in your corporate Internet contract. Our business plans feature no lock-in requirements and no activation fees, allowing you the freedom to monitor your spending and upgrade or downgrade your packages as your company's needs change.

Unrestricted Data

Don't worry about data caps. With the limitless bandwidth included with our business plans, you can operate your company without worrying about running out of space. In addition to running data-intensive business apps, HD conference video, and many other things with limitless bandwidth, you can do all of this for a set monthly fee while keeping higher shaping speed ratings.

Business Internet, both fixed and mobile

You have access to both fixed and mobile Internet options with Superior IT Internet for Business. Choose the mobile 4G or 5G option if the majority of your staff is mobile. You can use the fixed line or ADSL business internet plans if all of your company is done on-site.

Easy billing

All of your Internet bills will be presented to you in a streamlined, consolidated way, whether you choose one service or ten. Each month, you won't have to sift through pages and pages of bills. You can choose to pay for your package as a one, three, six, or twelve-month contract since the majority of our packages are subscription-based.

Pack for Pay-as-You-Go Calling

Pay-as-you-go calling is an Internet add-on service for businesses that enables VoIP calling. Your small business in Perth can make inexpensive local and international VoIP calls by choosing Internet plans Perth with this option, and you have the option to add extra minutes when your calling pack runs out of free monthly minutes.

5 Undeniably Great Reasons to work with us:

[ 1 ] Deep Trench of Technical Experts:
  • Gain the knowledge, passion and technical experience from the best in our industry.
  • Efficient Problem Solving, with Personalised Support. 
  • Functioning as a full stakeholder in your business. 
[ 2 ] Industry Lead IT Business Technology:
  • Providing a consulting-led approach with an integrated portfolio of technology-led solutions.
  • Advanced Monitoring, Management and Security of your IT Infrastructure and Systems (Hardware and Software).
[ 3 ] Flexible and Scalable Managed Service Solutions:
  • Prioritised approach to various-sized businesses. 
  • From start-ups to large-scale corporations. Your business is as unique as you are, and we respect that.
  • Strategic and cost-effective solutions that maximise opportunities.
[ 4 ] 24/7 Unlimited IT Support, Lightning Fast Response Time:
  • We work on your terms and in your timeframe.
  • Minimize and avoid downtime with proactive support.
  • High-priority tickets are dealt with in under 5 minutes.
  • Low to medium-priority tickets are dealt with in just under 20 minutes.
[ 5 ] Incredible Service Level Agreements (SLAs):
  • Transparent and Competitive SLAs.
  • Cleary defined, set and binding agreements that overdeliver.
  • Built in Triggers and Penalties. That's how serious we are.


Have some questions? Here are a few commonly asked Q & A's:

Why Superior IT for Business Internet?

Internet knowledge

In Perth and Australia, Superior IT has a significant amount of experience providing commercial Internet services. We have the local expertise, network, and capability to offer your small business the same level of service that we have provided to dozens of small businesses in Perth with Internet services.

A Variety of Internet Options

Our internet connection cost is tailored to meet the demands of each individual because we don't think that one size fits all. You can choose the service features you require, such as a static IP, unlimited calls, or unlimited data, and leave out those you do not now need because our products are unbundled. Additionally, switching from one package to another at no additional expense is made simple by our no lock-in contracts.

Access to NBN Partners

To deliver you corporate broadband internet, Superior IT collaborates with NBN partners like the iiNet company in Perth and Western Australia. Through our local cooperation with NBN partners, your company may benefit from NBN connectivity with lightning-fast speeds and unmatched uptime. Find out if the NBN is available in your commercial area, or phone us and we'll let you know.

24/7 Client Support

Every customer of Superior IT's broadband service has access to 24/7 business assistance. We make significant investments to make sure you have 24/7 access to knowledgeable IT support staff because we know how important Internet connection is to your company operations. As a result, you never experience prolonged downtime when a service disruption occurs.

What is your Internet Service Breakdown?

NBN Internet

Businesses and residences all around Australia now have access to high-speed Internet thanks to the Australian National Broadband Network plan. If your area has access to NBN infrastructure, Superior IT can assist in connecting your company to NBN plans for businesses. Call us right away to find out if your region is serviced and how to connect.

The fastest mobile Internet network currently in use is 5G. Superior IT can link your company to the 5G network to experience higher mobile broadband speeds because some regions of Perth are covered. Connecting to 5G is a fantastic redundancy alternative if you already have a fixed-line network in case your fixed line connection stops or has slower shaping speed.

Office Internet

Perth business line Internet that is dependable, quick, and reasonably priced is included in the superior IT business broadband plan. You have everything you need to get connected and access the services you require, and you have the choice of NBN, cable, or ADSL broadband. Each of our plans can be altered to fit your preferences for payment frequency and monthly payment amount.

Wireless Internet

Fast and secure communication without the burden of cables and routers is made possible by superior IT wireless Internet. When you sign up, we'll install a Wi-Fi modem and link you to the area's fastest 4G or 5G network. Businesses who need to connect a large region to the Internet but don't want to spend the money installing fixed broadband wiring would benefit most from wireless broadband.

Mobile Internet

Whether using 4G or 5G, Superior IT can quickly set up and connect your mobile workforce, allowing you to take advantage of quick speeds, dependable uptime, and mobile connection on your company phone or tablet. For your business, Superior IT can assist set you up with data-only SIM cards, modems, or mobile-connected iPads so you can continue working even when you're on the go.

Internet phone lines for businesses

You can call local or foreign numbers using phone lines when using the Internet. You may quickly switch your entire business to Internet phones and save money because they are typically less expensive than fixed-line and mobile subscriptions. Speak with us right away to learn more about getting a business phone and how Internet telephony can help your company.

What if we're looking for help with a single project?

Our primary focus is your needs.

Because we offer our services on an ad hoc basis, there are no contracts or lock-in periods. We set out every project with a Service Level Agreement (SLA) defined by your goals.

What if we need on site support?

We've maintained relationships for over 15 years with customers because we believe you need an on-site presence in specific scenarios.

Building trust with you and your staff with a dedicated expert from our team. This way we offer a highly personalised and efficient service, developing our understanding of your needs.

What do your services really cost?

We provide services on an ad hoc basis, with no hidden or additional costs. That means no contracts or lock-in periods. You can benefit from one or all of our services as you need them.

As for costs, you can book your FREE consultation to find out how much we can save you in the long run. Book yours now ->

Are you really available 24/7?

The short answer is YES, we really are.

Our office hours are 8 am to 5 pm WST, Monday to Friday.
We have a dedicated team available for anything outside those hours, which means 24/7 support is a call, email or text away.

Questions? Get in touch with us!

Phone: 1300 93 77 49

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A few of our Industry Leading Clients.

Delivering Superior Customer Service.

"Quick Response Times"

Superior IT Solutions provides our local IT support and we know we can always rely on them for quick response times and solutions that work for us. They have not disappointed us once so far. They are proactive in setting up schedules and being there for us. I definitely recommend Superior IT Solutions as an IT support and development team.


Regional Manager / Brunel Energy
"Onto the Problem Immediately"

Superior IT Solutions have been supporting our business for over 6 years as consultants, any issues where we are unable to connect to access our Network and Data means loss of revenue for us. The team at Superior IT Solutions provide us with a professional level of service and support that not only gives us the confidence that we have a robust network, but more importantly the 'peace of mind' that if an issue does occur, they are onto the problem immediately.


Director / Matrix Partners
"Genuine Professionals"

Not only do they have great on-site support, their capabilities to remotely troubleshoot and solve problems not only save time but money. In addition to their computer and network knowledge, the Superior IT Team are genuine professionals, who deliver on promises, careful not to insult your intelligence or budget.


"Continued Presence"

Perhaps one of the most valuable aspects of doing business with Superior IT Solutions has been their continued presence influencing our 'technology steering' future. The Accounting industry relies heavily upon technology and we continue to be confident that Superior IT Solutions is providing the kind of leadership that will not only influence our growth but also shows us as technologically sound!


Director / Tactica Partners
"Reliable One-Stop Shop"

Superior IT's technicians are very knowledgeable and helpful and the support team always respond quickly to our requests, especially when we have an urgent situation. Management is also on hand and happy and willing to sort out any matters that require their attention. We highly recommend Superior IT Solutions as a reliable one-stop shop for all your IT needs.


Brand Advisor / Ultimo Catering
"Very Responsive"

If you want a highly knowledgeable and experienced IT team to help you with your company's activities and problems, Superior IT Solutions is the answer. They are smart, professional, very responsive to their client and easy to work with. Our company has used Superior IT Solutions for over 8 years and they are always available, remotely or on premises, whenever we need them. Thank you for resolving our many crises.


Director / CBSW Tax

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Improve Overall Business Profitability

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