Business Wi-Fi offers fast wireless internet in without the need to build out expensive wired networks. With business Wi Fi your small business can easily connect to a wireless Internet access point and get super-fast speeds. You need to work with a trustworthy partner able to deliver the business Wi-Fi solutions you need.

Superior IT helps connect small businesses to reliable and fast business Wi-Fi so that they can run their activities smoothly. Is your internet causing you a headache and you are wondering how to connect your business to a fast connection at a low cost? Superior IT can help you figure out whether business Wi-Fi is the solution you need.

Benefits of Superior IT Business Wi-Fi

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Faster Downloads and Uploads

Superior IT business Wi-Fi solutions deliver business grade broadband speeds over a wireless connection to small businesses. Gigabits of speed when you connect and enjoy blazing-fast download and upload speeds. Even during peak-time, running a Wi-Fi speed test will show you that you can still enjoy fast speeds with no impact to your business activities.

Business Wi-fi benefits

Wider Range Covered

Wi-Fi for business is an excellent option if you want to cover a wide area with connectivity without having to invest in cabling. Superior IT can help install wireless office coverage across your school, hospital, warehouse, or any large area. A business Wi-Fi connection will easily connect to the internet wherever your workers are on your premises.

Quick Installation

If you do not want to waste time with lengthy installation processes, then business Wi-Fi may be the right solution for you. Unlike other solutions like ADSL which can take days to install, business Wi-Fi takes only a short time to install and set up. Your business environment can be connected in no time.

Trouble-free Speed Upgrades

As your business needs change you may need to upgrade your speeds. Wi -Fi makes it easy to upgrade your internet speeds to match your evolving needs. Superior IT offers reliable support whenever you want more bandwidth. The same goes for when you want to dial down your internet speeds (and costs).

Easy Range Extension

Wi-Fi for Business makes it easy to extend the range of coverage for your connection. Quickly cover additional offices or partitions without the need to use expensive cable and trunking services. If you need range extension we can come in and assess your requirements. We install any necessary Wi-Fi equipment whether an additional booster or extender is required.

Strong Wi-Fi Security

Security is an important consideration for any business. You do not want outsiders to intercept your web traffic or to use your bandwidth without your knowledge. Superior IT Wi-Fi solutions offer robust security features including securing your service set identifier SSID and wi-fi protected access. Safeguard your network and ensure only authorized users have access.

Multi-User and Multi-Device Support

Another benefit of business Wi-Fi is you can use it with any modern wireless device. Whether your workers use desktop computers, laptops, tablets or phones. Easily connect to your Wi-Fi connection. Pocket Wi-Fi for small businesses also makes it easy to stay connected while on the move.

Why Superior IT for Business Wi-Fi?

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Business Wi-fi services

High-Speed Internet

IT business Wi-Fi solutions guarantee super-fast Internet speeds. We work with only the best business networks suppliers in the country. Including Google Wi-Fi, Qantas Wi-Fi, Telstra Wi-Fi, and Optus Wi-Fi. We connect your business to the fastest internet speeds available including NBN that your business can link to if your area is covered.

Business Wi-Fi Expertise

Superior IT has years of experience delivering business Wi-Fi solutions to small businesses in Perth. With clients from a range of industries, our solutions can deliver incredible results. Work with us to discover what Wi-Fi solutions can work for your business.

End-to-end Wireless Internet Solutions

Whether you only need a bare-bones internet connection or need added functionality like IP phones. Superior IT can help you achieve your connectivity objectives. We offer comprehensive business wireless internet solutions. 4g Wi-Fi modem, Google Wi-Fi mesh, portable Wi-Fi router, 4g Wi-Fi router and others tailored to your business requirements.

Managed Wi-Fi Services

The last thing you want is to manage your internet connection actively. We take this work off your plate so you can focus on building your business. With service level agreements and other managed service components, we ensure your business stays connected to the internet.

Local Support

As a local Perth company you can rely on getting local support for your business Wi-Fi queries. Our team of skilled IT personnel has years of experience, training, and skills in supporting small business internet needs. Whatever question or issue that you may face, our local support team will help you sort it out quickly.

Superior IT Business Wi-Fi Service Breakdown

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Wireless Internet Infrastructure Audit

An infrastructure audit is essential in understanding your current infrastructure and evaluating your current and future needs. If you experience frequent outages or have “dead” spots, an infrastructure audit can uncover these issues. We can help you audit what you need to upgrade or overhaul. Superior IT offers Wi-Fi infrastructure audits to help ensure your equipment, including Wi-Fi adapter, Wi-Fi camera, Wi-Fi modem, and Wi-Fi security camera work as expected.

Wireless Internet Infrastructure Installation

Whether putting in a new installation or upgrading an old one, Superior IT will set up the right Wi-Fi equipment and network devices. We supply equipment including NetGear Wi-Fi extender, Wi-Fi dongle, Wi-Fi range extender or build a mesh Wi-Fi network. We can support your connectivity needs with our Wi-Fi experts that will evaluate your needs and recommend the best wireless internet infrastructure.

Wireless Internet Network Audits

A network audit is crucial in addressing security and connectivity issues affecting a wireless network. We can run regular network checks to ensure smooth running as well as identify and patch any security loopholes. We can also help identify outdated network components and upgrade them.

Wireless Internet Network Configuration

Your network configuration can be a source of vulnerability for your business and frustration for your workers. Poor connectivity and frequent disconnections coupled with weak security protocols are the characteristics of a poorly set up network. Superior IT will help you uncover these issues and implement fixes that secure your network and ensure uninterrupted connectivity.

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