SPAM Warning Alert!

All Clients are advised to be on the lookout for the following SPAM/PHISHING EMAIL SCAM that has been prolific during the past few days/weeks. This is 100% confirmed a SPAM / PHISHING EMAIL SCAM. Do NOT Reply to the email, click on any links or take steps to pay the Ransom. If you do receive […]

Private Cloud: 5 Reasons Why You Should Consider

Google App Engine, Windows Azure Services Platform, Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud. These are the most popular public clouds available on the market. Much of their popularity is owed to the fact that these are managed by trailblazing companies. But what else is there to these platforms aside from the fact that they are manned by […]

The Benefits of Using a UTM Firewall over a Standard Router

These days, the internet is crucial for the success of any business, big or small. This is the best way for them to do their marketing, offer their products, and get discovered by the customers. However, it is also crucial for communication. Even so, with all the online threats that are present, businesses need to protect […]

Microsoft Teams – All MS Teams Features Explained

Meta Tag: There are many messengers for everyday work. In this post, we look at why Microsoft Teams will suits you better with lot more intuitive features over Slack.  In the digitized world of work, efficient communication is the alpha and omega of productive everyday life. Especially in times of home office, remote work, and a new digital […]

Advantages of Using Microsoft Teams phone system

A PBX system is a telephone system in a company. This phone system in the Office 365 plug-in offers PBX capabilities without using any expensive and complicated equipment.   With this Microsoft telephone system add-on, you can use your business Skype for and Microsoft Office 365 for performing essential tasks which includes making and receiving calls, reactivate calls, […]

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