Unified communications bring together different communication channels into one centralized hub. For small businesses in Perth using voice, video, web conferencing, chat, and other communication channels, using various tools can be challenging. A unified communications solution implements all these methods of communicating either as one tool or as an integrated suite of products. For a small business, this can significantly lower costs, boost productivity, enhance user experience, and help streamline communications as the business grows.

Superior IT unified communications solutions in Perth are tailor-made for small business needs. Whether you have a team of twenty or two hundred, we can help you unify your communications, so everyone is communicating effectively and efficiently. We can create a solution that combines all your current communication methods or introduce new ones. With your new communication capabilities, it will be easy to communicate with others, whether locally in Perth or across Western Australia or the world.

Benefits of Using Unified Communications?

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Lower Communication Costs

Unified communications UC lower your costs by combining all your communication tools under one hub. If you currently use different tools for chat/IM, video conferencing, and email, you can lower your costs with a unified communications solution from Superior IT.

Enhanced Productivity

If your team is not communicating effectively, simple things like calendar scheduling and presence notifications can be a drain on productivity. UC enables you to unlock team productivity by seamlessly connecting them, whether they are next to each other in the office, or halfway across the planet.

Business Agility

Modern businesses need agile communication tools to remain competitive. Cloud based unified communication tools bring this cutting-edge enterprise communication agility to small businesses in Perth, allowing them to gain a competitive edge over the competition.

Technical Flexibility

UC solutions leverage technology to connect people, which means they can easily be customized to fit your needs. Whether you need tighter security or additional third-party tools, unified communications offer technical flexibility to accommodate your requirements.

Better Collaboration

Unlock team collaboration potential with online collaboration tools. Easily connect local or distributed teams and empower seamless communications and collaboration whether workers are local or a mix of local and remote.

Multichannel Convergence

Unified communications UC connects different channels into one business communications hub. Utilize unified messaging like chat, voice, video conferencing software, email, voicemail, and so much more all from one unified centre. Seamless convergence also helps you switch from one channel to another without breaking the chain of communication.

Easy Scalability

UC solutions from Superior IT can be easily scaled to meet your growing business needs. Once set up, it is easy to add new team members, including remote members, to your communications channel and have them up and running in no time.

Internal, Countrywide, or Global Connectivity

Your local, countrywide, or even global employees are easily reachable with a unified communications hub. Set up conference calls, book appointments, send emails and leave voicemail all within one easy-to-use communications hub.

Less Administrative Overheads

Managing multiple communications channels can be a headache. With each operating as a silo, it can be challenging to administer them effectively. With a UC solution, you can manage all your business communication needs from one place, significantly lessening administration overheads.

Why Superior IT for Unified Communications Solutions?

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Unified Communications Expertise

Superior IT has years of experience deploying unified communications solutions in Perth. As a local IT company, we use our local insights to provide unified communications solutions that work for this market. Some of the unified communications solutions we can set up for you include solutions from UC Magic Quadrant leaders like Microsoft Teams, Slack, Zoom, Skype for Business, and others.

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Cloud Communication Experience

As cloud communications experts, we have the expertise to help you pick the right unified cloud communications solution for your business. We offer tailor-made UC business applications to fit your business needs, including productivity, security, and compliance and cost-related requirements.

360-degree UC Solutions

We understand that sometimes your business communications needs may be unique to your business. As such, we offer a full suite of unified communication solutions to fit your specific needs. Our solutions include IP telephones, instant messaging, encrypted video calls, and more.

Managed Unified Communications Services

Superior IT offers managed IT services to small businesses in Perth. As one of our core services, we provide unified communications as a managed service. With this solution, we deploy and manage all your unified communication tools, ensuring they are always working while troubleshooting any issues that may arise.

Superior IT Unified Communications Service Features

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Unified business communications allow you to see a person’s availability without having to ask them. Quickly check their availability before sending them a message or inviting them to a video call.


Email does not change within a unified communications context. However, some enhancements are available, including connecting email to to-do lists, forwarding emails via instant messaging, and calling people directly from the email interface.


Voice calls within a unified communications environment combine the usual benefits of a traditional phone system with enhanced features like call forwarding to a different device, leaving voicemail as an email attachment, or automatically generating call transcripts.


Unified communications combine the best video conferencing tools with other tools to make it easier and faster to communicate. Quickly set up a video call or record a short clip and send it via email. Whatever your video needs, unified communications can help you achieve more.


Unified communications solutions from Superior IT enable you to connect while on the move seamlessly. With multi-device support, workers can connect via mobile, desktop, or browser clients.

Screen Sharing

Unified communications make screen sharing a breeze. Connect to a video call, share your screen, and quickly take notes as the meeting is going on. You can even take screenshots and share them via IM thanks to unified communications.

Instant Messaging

Unified communications make screen sharing a breeze. Connect to a video call, share your screen, and quickly take notes as the meeting is going on. You can even take screenshots and share them via IM thanks to unified communications.

Directory Services

With a unified communications solution, you can forget about struggling to find a contact. Unified communications offer seamless cloud based directory services that make it easy to message or call anyone in the directory, even if you do not know their email address or phone number.

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