A business website is your business’s home base on the internet. When customers need more information about you or your products and services, your web site is the first place they will visit. If you do not have a site, chances are they may end up on your competitor’s site. If you do have a site, but it is poorly designed, again, they may end up on your competitor’s web site. Having a professionally designed and built site can help you build confidence in potential customers and convince them to do business with you.

Superior IT is a website design company in Perth that serves small businesses in the wider Western Australia. Our team of skilled web designers can create for you a simple site design that easily impresses your potential customers. As a local design agency, we pride ourselves on delivering impactful and sustainable website design results for small businesses. If you are looking for a reliable website developer, look no further – Superior IT web design can help create a site to your liking.


Benefits of Having a Business Website

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Own Your Internet Brand Identity

A business site enables you to own and direct your internet brand identity. With a web site, you can choose what to say about your business and change this information at any time. When customers look for your business online, they see the brand identity you choose, helping enhance brand awareness.


Lower Marketing Costs

Traditional marketing methods like printing brochures, catalogues, and other marketing collateral are both expensive and outdated. Modern businesses use their site to publish marketing materials, significantly lowering marketing costs. Talk to Superior IT about how to reduce your marketing costs with a business site.

Engage and Educate New Customers

New customers have lots of questions. A well-designed business web site will help you engage them with information relating to your business. You can also publish educational details like how to use your products, how to troubleshoot issues, how to upgrade or downgrade, plus a host of other useful information topics.

Easily Update Information

Having a business site makes it easy to update information whenever necessary. Change your business address? Just update your site. Have a new product for sale? Just update your site. With such ease of modifying information, you can remain agile in how you disseminate information about your business to your customers.

Reach a Wider Local Audience

If you want to reach more people you need a well-designed business site. With a web site, you can easily reach more people who may be searching for the services you offer. In this way, you can reach a much wider audience than you can with traditional marketing methods, and at a fraction of the cost too.

Promote your Physical Business

If you have a physical business location, a site can also benefit you. If you run a restaurant or bar, a website can help people looking for your service to locate your business. With integrations like Google Maps, they can easily navigate to where you are without having to call you to ask for directions.

Why Get a Business Website from Superior IT

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Small Business Website Design

Superior IT specializes in small business web site design solutions. Since most small businesses have different needs from larger firms, we have perfected the art of building sites for small businesses that are amazing yet cost-effective. If you need a small business site, give us a call today.

Mobile Web Design

Most customers today look for goods and services using their mobile phones. To help you capture this audience, we provide mobile web site design to deliver a responsive site. When your customers visit your online presence, the mobile user experience will delight them and encourage them to stay on your web site longer.

Website SEO

Superior IT site solutions include site SEO as an add-on service. Since we know you want people to find your site on search engines like Google, we offer search engine optimization focusing on your industry and relevant keywords. We do SEO the right way, so you get lots of organic web traffic to your site.

Ecommerce Web Design

Are you planning to sell products or services online through an e-commerce online store? Superior IT e-commerce site design services can create a site that helps you sell more. We will design a captivating online store and integrate it with your preferred payment method, whether credit cards, PayPal, ZIP, Apple Pay, Google Pay, or POLi.

Cheap Web Design

Getting a great business web site for your business does not have to be expensive. Superior IT delivers an affordable yet effective site design solution that fits your small business budget. Request an affordable website today from Superior IT and start growing your business online.

Web Audit and Optimization

If you already have a site landing page, but you are concerned that it may not be effective, we can help. Superior IT website audit services can help uncover any issues your web site may have that may be hampering your success. Our site audit leaves no stone unturned and covers design, content, SEO, and software code.

Superior IT Business Web Service Breakdown

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Custom Design and Development

Here at Superior IT, we take pride in the site designs we create for our clients. Since every business is different, we create custom-designed sites for each client. Depending on your needs, we can work with a design you have or suggest some designs for you to pick from. Once the design process is complete, we develop your site to specifications using WordPress, our preferred website builder. Afterwards, we deliver a responsive website that your customers will enjoy visiting.

Unified Communications

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is crucial to a web site’s success. We offer SEO services to businesses that want their site to rank higher in search engine results. Using tools like keyword research and keyword difficulty scores, we suggest keywords related to your business that can then be included in your site. The best part about requestion SEO for your site is that any organic traffic our work generates will continue bringing leads to your business even after we conclude the web site design project.


Before requesting a web site, you might need to upgrade your logo or change your business identity. We can help with that. Our branding process will help you find just the right identity for your business to match your new site. Besides logo design, we can also create custom graphics, acquire royalty-free images, and create animated video explainers for your web site. We can also extend this branding exercise to your social media profiles on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and others.

Digital Marketing

As an add-on service, we can provide ongoing digital marketing services to put your web site in front of the right people. Our digital marketing services include creating content for your business blog, creating social media content, and promoting it, link building to grow your site page rank, among others. With our digital marketing services, you can attract quality traffic to your web site, capture valuable leads, and convert more customers.

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