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Microsoft 365 (Formally Office 365) Business Subscriptions to Empower Your Workforce, Elevate Your Productivity

Now with Copilot: Your New Intelligent Assistant for Work

Unlock the full potential of your business with Microsoft 365—your ultimate suite for robust productivity tools, all wrapped up in a convenient cloud-based subscription model. Say goodbye to traditional office software; step into a new era of scalable, cross-platform solutions.

A collection of strong business productivity tools offered as a cloud service with a subscription model. The software bundle takes the place of previous versions of Microsoft Office, including Office 2016 and Office 2019, which had organisation-wide licensing. offered as a per-user, monthly subscription service that is compatible with Macs and PCs.

A seasoned and reliable Microsoft Office 365 partner, Superior IT.

Why Choose Microsoft 365 from Superior IT?

Unlock the full potential of your business with Microsoft 365—your ultimate suite for robust productivity tools, all conveniently wrapped up in a cloud-based subscription model. Now enhanced with Copilot, your intelligent productivity assistant.

Since Office 365's release onto the market, we have been assisting organisations with its installation, migration, and maintenance. We can assist if you want to increase productivity while also reducing your IT expenses. No of the size of your business, we offer a wide range of services to meet all of your office needs. Give us a call right away to discuss how 365 might help your company.

Scalability and Affordability

In the past, licensing costs were high for businesses to use Microsoft Office products. Now, adjust costs according to the number of users, all while benefiting from Copilot's advanced AI capabilities.

Microsoft 365 Key Features Enhanced with Copilot

Up-to-Date Applications

With Copilot, get real-time help as you work in Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Access, and Publisher. Always stay productive with the latest features and AI-powered assistance.

Connection and Collaboration

Copilot integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Teams, turning it into an all-in-one platform for unparalleled collaboration and intelligent decision-making.

Copilot in Business Chat & Meetings

Your team meetings and chats just got smarter with Copilot's contextual suggestions and next-generation AI capabilities.

1TB of Secure Cloud Storage

Your team gets 1TB of OneDrive storage per user, making document sharing and remote work a breeze.

Web and Mobile App Development

Unleash your business potential with Microsoft Power Apps. Create custom applications for web and mobile effortlessly—no coding skills required.

Intranet and Team Sites

Transform your internal communications with SharePoint. Create beautiful, functional team sites that connect people to content, expertise, and processes.

Workflow Automation

Automate routine tasks and processes with Microsoft Power Automate. Say goodbye to manual drudgery and hello to efficiency.

Email and Calendars

Experience business-class email services with Outlook, offering 50GB mailboxes and the ability to send large attachments up to 150MB.

Cross-Platform Compatibility

Use Microsoft 365 apps on PCs, Macs, tablets, and mobile devices across Windows, iOS, and Android.

Professional Digital Storytelling

Design interactive presentations, reports, and more with Sway, elevating your corporate narrative.

Instant Messaging and Online Meetings

Keep the lines of communication open with text, voice, or video calls via Microsoft Teams. Make web-based meetings more effective with screen sharing and HD video conferencing.

Intelligent Search and Discovery

Navigate through your organisation’s wealth of information effortlessly with smart search features across SharePoint, Delve, and Microsoft 365 apps.

Explore Highlights from the Microsoft 365 Copilot event

Copilot in Excel works alongside you to help analyse and explore your data.

Ask Copilot questions about your data set in natural language, not just formulas. It will reveal correlations, propose what-if scenarios, and suggest new formulas based on your questions – generating models based on the questions that help you explore your data without modifying it. Identify trends, create powerful visualisations, or ask for recommendations to drive different outcomes.

Copilot in Outlook works with you in your inbox and messages so that you can spend less time on email triage and more time on communicating—better, faster, and more easily.

Summarise lengthy, convoluted email threads with multiple people to understand not only what has been said, but the different viewpoints of each person and the open questions that have yet to be answered. Respond to an existing email with a simple prompt or turn quick notes into crisp, professional messages—pulling from other emails or content that you already have access to from across Microsoft 365.

Copilot in Word writes, edits, summarises and creates right alongside you.

With only a brief prompt, Copilot will create a first draft for you, bringing in information from across your organisation as needed. Copilot can add content to existing documents, summarise text, and rewrite sections or the entire document to make it more concise.

Copilot in PowerPoint helps you turn your ideas into stunning presentations.

Your storytelling partner, Copilot can transform existing written documents into decks complete with speaker notes and sources or start a new presentation from a simple prompt. Condense lengthy presentations at the click of a button. Use natural language commands to adjust layouts, reformat text, and perfectly time animations.

Your Trusted Microsoft 365 Partner: Superior IT

Whether you’re a small enterprise or a large corporation, we provide bespoke solutions that enhance productivity and reduce IT costs. Let’s connect to discuss how Microsoft 365 can accelerate your business goals.

What You Can Expect:

✓ Intelligent Account & IT Infrastructure Management

✓ Smart Critical & Disaster Preventing Cloud Solutions

✓ Data-Driven Decision Making with Copilot in Excel

✓ Fully Managed Hardware & Software

✓ Next-Gen AI-Powered IT Solutions

✓ Network Monitoring with AI Insights

✓ Disaster Management

✓ Industry Leading IT solutions

✓ Managing User Access Accounts

✓ Migrating Applications, Data & Operating Systems

✓ Professional Infrastructure & Components

✓ Project Management

✓ Offering Technical Support to Your Staff

✓ World Class Cybersecurity

✓ Incredible Customer Service

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Feature Comparison: Microsoft 365 vs Older Office Licenses

Feature Microsoft 365 Older Office Licenses (2016, 2019)
Immediate Access to Latest Features Continuous Access to the Latest Features and Security Measures Restricted to Original Features; No New Updates
Remote Work Optimisation Optimised for Remote Work with Integrated Teams, OneDrive, and SharePoint Limited Remote Work Capabilities
Cybersecurity Advanced Threat Protection with 99.9% Accuracy Basic Security Measures
Email Hosting Integrated with Outlook & Exchange Requires Separate Email Hosting
Collaboration Real-time Collaboration on Documents Limited Document Sharing Capabilities
Cloud Storage 1TB per User via OneDrive Not Included
Scalability Easily Add or Remove User Licenses Purchase of New Licenses Required
Business Apps Access to Business-centred Apps (Bookings, Planner, etc.) Not Included
Pricing Model Subscription-based (Monthly/Annually) One-time Purchase
Social Networking Includes Yammer for Company-wide Social Interaction Not Included
24/7 Support Yes, Priority Support Limited to Basic Support

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Have some questions? Here are a few commonly asked Q & A's:

What is Office 360 and 365 Installation, Migration and Support like?

Superior IT offers Office 360 and 365 services to support all your needs. Whether you want to install Office, migrate from older versions of Office or need support, we are here to help. Here is a breakdown of each service we offer:

Installing Microsoft Office 365

We can assist you with professional, quick, and knowledgeable 365 setup services if your company is opening a new office or configuring Office tools for the first time. We will assist you in selecting the ideal office subscription for your business and handle all workstation installations based on your demands, system specifications, and employee count. We can assist you if you require further installation assistance while setting up Microsoft Office applications on business-related mobile devices.

Migration of Microsoft Office

Businesses who are already utilizing earlier versions of Microsoft Office would benefit greatly from superior IT migration services in Perth. We simplify the process of moving your staff, data, and applications from older Microsoft products to Office 365. We make sure that no data is lost in the transfer process and that the new tools integrate seamlessly with any legacy tools you decide to keep. For instance, we can configure Office 365 to interact with your version of Office if you prefer to keep using Office 2016 Access.

Support for Microsoft Office

Another skill that Superior IT excels at is office support and troubleshooting. We assist companies in making the most of their installation of Office 365. We can help you make the most of your Office subscription because up to 95% of Perth businesses don't use it to its full potential. Office 365 training, development, and educational reference materials are part of our 365 support. managed IT assistance for additional troubleshooting requirements both locally and remotely.

What are the benefits of Microsoft Office 365?

Cost flexibility.

It is advertised as a per-user subscription service, which makes it simple for businesses to comprehend and plan for IT costs. 365 offers four subscription choices with various cost tiers, starting at only one employee: Home, Business, Student, and Business premium. No further permits for buffet-style operations. 365 offers your business cost-effective pricing flexibility.

24/7 access.

Access to your business apps and data 24 hours a day. Both Word 365 and Excel 365 give you cloud-based access to all of your documents and the ability to edit them. With 365, all of your essential productivity apps are always available, allowing your firm to run as a dynamic, modern organization.

Work from anywhere.

365 gives your staff the freedom to work remotely because it is a cloud service. Your employees can simply have access to all the resources they need to stay connected and productive whether they are traveling for work or attending a local conference. A robust set of tools designed for a modern workforce, Office 365.

Any device will do.

Mobile applications put the office in the pockets of your staff members. Your staff members will be able to work while on the go. It becomes commonplace to check your email on your phone or submit a last-minute paper using a Mac program. Employee productivity is dramatically increased with 365 mobile apps.

Enhanced collaboration.

Better IT can facilitate improved collaboration inside your company. Your team will become closer thanks to tools like Teams, Yammer, Teams, SharePoint, and Skype for Business. Better collaboration leads to increased performance and productivity, two factors that have a major positive impact on your company's bottom line.

Supports document version control.

Any corporate activity must have document version control. Office offers strong document version control solutions to help your company keep a system of records. Every single piece of software in the suite, including Word, Access, and OneDrive, has version control. Bid adieu to lost versions and decreased output.

Record changes to documents in real time.

Do you all collaborate on a single document? No issue. 365 keeps track of all document modifications in real time, keeping everyone informed. You can instantly identify the editor and undo their modifications if you need to undo someone else's changes. A powerful audit and accountability tool is real-time change tracking.

Simplifies organization-wide support.

Put an end to juggling various licenses and Office versions throughout your organization. Office 365 provides your firm with the most recent editions, automated upgrades, and a streamlined user experience. As a result, IT assistance will be simple since every employee will be using the same version. For straightforward, efficient assistance, Superior IT heartily endorses 365 Office.

What if we're looking for help with a single project?

Our primary focus is your needs.

Because we offer our services on an ad hoc basis, there are no contracts or lock-in periods. We set out every project with a Service Level Agreement (SLA) defined by your goals.

What if we need on site support?

We've maintained relationships for over 15 years with customers because we believe you need an on-site presence in specific scenarios.

Building trust with you and your staff with a dedicated expert from our team. This way we offer a highly personalised and efficient service, developing our understanding of your needs.

What do your services really cost?

We provide services on an ad hoc basis, with no hidden or additional costs. That means no contracts or lock-in periods. You can benefit from one or all of our services as you need them.

As for costs, you can book your FREE consultation to find out how much we can save you in the long run. Book yours now ->

Are you really available 24/7?

The short answer is YES, we really are.

Our office hours are 8 am to 5 pm WST, Monday to Friday.
We have a dedicated team available for anything outside those hours, which means 24/7 support is a call, email or text away.

Questions? Get in touch with us!

Phone: 1300 93 77 49

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A few of our Industry Leading Clients.

Delivering Superior Customer Service.

"Quick Response Times"

Superior IT Solutions provides our local IT support and we know we can always rely on them for quick response times and solutions that work for us. They have not disappointed us once so far. They are proactive in setting up schedules and being there for us. I definitely recommend Superior IT Solutions as an IT support and development team.


Regional Manager / Brunel Energy
"Onto the Problem Immediately"

Superior IT Solutions have been supporting our business for over 6 years as consultants, any issues where we are unable to connect to access our Network and Data means loss of revenue for us. The team at Superior IT Solutions provide us with a professional level of service and support that not only gives us the confidence that we have a robust network, but more importantly the 'peace of mind' that if an issue does occur, they are onto the problem immediately.


Director / Matrix Partners
"Genuine Professionals"

Not only do they have great on-site support, their capabilities to remotely troubleshoot and solve problems not only save time but money. In addition to their computer and network knowledge, the Superior IT Team are genuine professionals, who deliver on promises, careful not to insult your intelligence or budget.


"Continued Presence"

Perhaps one of the most valuable aspects of doing business with Superior IT Solutions has been their continued presence influencing our 'technology steering' future. The Accounting industry relies heavily upon technology and we continue to be confident that Superior IT Solutions is providing the kind of leadership that will not only influence our growth but also shows us as technologically sound!


Director / Tactica Partners
"Reliable One-Stop Shop"

Superior IT's technicians are very knowledgeable and helpful and the support team always respond quickly to our requests, especially when we have an urgent situation. Management is also on hand and happy and willing to sort out any matters that require their attention. We highly recommend Superior IT Solutions as a reliable one-stop shop for all your IT needs.


Brand Advisor / Ultimo Catering
"Very Responsive"

If you want a highly knowledgeable and experienced IT team to help you with your company's activities and problems, Superior IT Solutions is the answer. They are smart, professional, very responsive to their client and easy to work with. Our company has used Superior IT Solutions for over 8 years and they are always available, remotely or on premises, whenever we need them. Thank you for resolving our many crises.


Director / CBSW Tax

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Improve Overall Business Profitability

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